June 20, 2024

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House Of Cards UK “To Play The King Episode Four”

Part Two Finale.

Well, this show knows how to end a storyline.

Remember that, American version.

So, really, how did Francis win the election when the King knew how to play the crowds for sympathy?

Well, it looks like he just used the King’s own tactics against him.  When the King shows up at the sight of a gas explosion that took out a tenement building, with a photo showing the King helping out a man on a stretcher while Urquhart stared on stony-faced, the only thing to do is wait.  Sure enough, the King is almost kidnapped at gunpoint during a tour of a bad neighborhood, but some paramilitary types Francis had secretly following the King took care of that.  Factor in a call for a peacetime draft to give the youth something to do, and maybe Francis has come up with a solution.  At the very least, he wins the election, and since the King looked foolish and was wrong, he needs to abdicate in favor of his teenage son.  As it is, Francis was already making nice with the boy’s mother.

As Francis tells the King, he didn’t want to destroy the monarchy.  He wanted to destroy the King alone for crossing him.  He somehow succeeded.

Did he destroy anyone else?  Tim Stamper actually, who he first told off in the same way he himself was told off way back in the first episode.  Irony much?  Stamper was actually the one with Mattie’s recordings, and he gave a copy to Sarah.  Both of them go boom with car bombs that can conveniently be blamed on the IRA.

Francis seems less bothered by their deaths than he does Mattie’s.

See that?  Results.  Take a lesson, American version!