April 14, 2024

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Why Marvel Needs Netflix

With Disney setting up its own streaming service, the future of Marvel television shows on Netflix and other platforms remains in doubt.

Last year, Disney and Netflix made a nice deal.  Netflix would get first access to various Disney-related properties for the next few years, up to an including the works of Pixar, Marvel Films, and Lucasfilm.

Disney then opted to break that deal and set up its own streaming service at some point in 2019 or so.  Eventually that meant that all Disney properties would be pulled from Netflix.  Does that include the various Netflix-produced Marvel TV shows?

That question is still up in the air, though it looks as if, at the very least, there will not be any new series beyond the five currently on the streaming service, plus the occasional Defenders run.

Then again, I think Disney/Marvel should keep what it has on Netflix because that will work out better creatively for all involved.


So, what is known is Disney is probably looking to produce original content for its streaming service, including a new, live action Star Wars series.  That sounds fine, truth be told.  Star Wars is generally a family-friendly universe to explore.  The concern I have is the Disney name.  As much as Disney has branched out into other, more adult forms of entertainment over the years, often under other company names, I somehow doubt Disney will give its streaming service a generic name.  And Disney, the name, is associated with entertainment for the whole family.  That won’t have much of an effect on the various big screen MCU movies, but the Netflix material?

The Punisher dropped this week, and as of this typing I have not finished it yet (expect a review by the end of the week), but it’s a series that so far is exploring lose, PTSD, death, and the ripple effects of violence.  Just the swearing alone makes me wonder if it could get onto anything with the Disney name on it unscathed.  My guess is not.

The same could and would hold true for most of the Netflix programming, particularly Jessica Jones.  Daredevil and Luke Cage would have less trouble but are still far too “adult” in their sensibilities than I suspect would be comfortable for a Disney audience.

Though Iron Fist would probably fit fine, truth be told.  It’s too, at best, silly.

As such, Netflix allows Marvel to explore darker areas, places that would look out of place under the direct Disney banner.  I just find it highly doubtful that Disney will have a streaming service where somehow The Punisher sits in a queue next to DuckTales.