September 29, 2022

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YouTube Selection: Every Frame A Painting’s “The Marvel Symphonic Universe”

Every Frame A Painting takes a look at the music of the MCU's movies, and the trend towards "safe" music choices.

Justice League is out today, and whether or not it’s a good movie, it will inevitably be compared to the MCU.

With that in mind, here’s a video essay from Every Frame a Painting looking into one area where the MCU hasn’t really distinguished itself very well:  the soundtrack.

Now, to be fair, the Gabbing Geek crew actually had a chat on this topic maybe a year or so ago, and Ryan for one objected to the MCU having no memorable music by pointing out that one of the Netflix shows had earned an Emmy for its music.  Every Frame is only discussing the movies, and while they do focus quite a bit on the MCU, they also point at how many other movies fall into the trap of a forgettable soundtrack.  Much of it comes from imitation, and more of it comes from downplaying the music in scenes so that the music can be largely ignored rather than enrich a scene.  The video explains it far better than I could.

Though they do find one memorable MCU song, sung by a guy who could be Jimmy’s new best friend for all I know.

Ah, but videos like this often provoke responses, and here’s one such response from HelloLillyTV, pointing out the one exception to the trend Every Frame points out, and while HelloLilly doesn’t disagree with Every Frame’s ideas, she actually suggests the one exception actually reinforces Every Frame’s ideas rather than disprove them.

Yeah, I gotta agree:  The Avengers really is a good theme.

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