February 24, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Moms I’d Like To Forget”

In which Marge reconnects with estranged friends.

Marge?  Has friends?  How did that happen?

Well, it happened when Bart lost the big dodgeball tournament.  He, Nelson, and, er, Lewis or Louis, were the last three fourth graders left, and on the other side is on plucky fifth grader.  Said other kid manages to nail Nelson and the other kid in quick succession, but Bart is able to dodge all over the place and then even hits the other kid with the ball.  Straight up goes the ball, and Bart is a hero…until the ball comes down, bounces off Milhouse’s head, and the fifth grader catches it.  Since the ball never touched the ground, the 5th grade won.

That leads to tension and stress, as the two classes get good and angry at each other.  Heck, a fight breaks out in the teacher’s lounge over this.  All that remains is the rumble between the boys of both classes.  At first, it would be regardless of the weather.  Then it was raining, so they waited for good weather.  Finally, Bart and the other kid wind up, throw a punch each…and discover they have matching scars on their hands.  How’d that happen?  Neither boy knows.

Bart, curious, goes to ask Marge.  It turns out Marge used to take Bart to a pre-school where that boy plus two others also were.  Marge would hang out with the other mothers, calling themselves the “cool moms,” but Marge left the group because Bart was getting a little wild, and someone was a bad influence on someone else.  Who?  I don’t know.  You’d think it might be Bart, but who can say?

As it is, Marge decides to reunite with the moms and actually…hang out and have fun for once in her life.

This move doesn’t work out too well for others.  Bart finds the boys to be too crazy and dangerous for him.  Homer, on the other hand, has to hang out with the dads, none of whom seem to like each other much and really don’t like Homer.

Seeing himself getting pushed by peer pressure into stunts even he’s not comfortable with, Bart conspires to break up the group.  Hey, he may have done it once before.  First he asks Dr. Hibbert.  He doesn’t know where the mystery scar that all four boys have came from.  Who does?  Comic Book Guy.  It seems that when the boys were toddlers and hung out together, Comic Book Guy was manning the a fireworks station for the Fourth of July.  When he stopped to eat a large sub, the boys hit a bunch of buttons, blew up all kinds of stuff, and some stuff hit the aforementioned sub.  There were mini plastic swords holding the thing together, and these got red hot and have each boy his distinctive scar.

So, really, all Bart needs is some fireworks.  He and Milhouse put something together when Marge comes home to find them, and Milhouse needs to go home to think up a convincing lie.  Bart confesses, but Marge actually is doing something that makes her feel better, so no dice on things changing.

At least, until the other moms call Bart the troublemaker.  Bart?  Really?  Marge, indignant, goes home.  The other moms proceed to make out.

So, Marge will have to settle for her children as friends.

Now someone tell Homer he doesn’t have to hang out with the dads anymore.