June 22, 2024

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Epic Spider-Man Rewatch: Spider-Man (1967) S2 E10 (Bootleg Edition)

Jimmy's been stuck on Season Two, Episode Ten: "Vine" for awhile. Tom pleads for some kind of sanity.

Peter with another girl, Jackie, she’s not a red head at least.

Professor Smithers disappeared 30 years ago.

h/t Tom Kelly

Time machine…seriously, where are the classic villains?

If the seed is so dangerous, why just leave it in a box lying around?

Same scared crowd from the zoo.

A giant flower…seriously, where are the good villains?

Peter is pretty quick to change his tune on the time machine when he needs to go back and find Smithers.  And just another excuse to have a weird psychedelic background for Spider-Man to swing around in.

Giant green (surprise) frog is no match for Spidey.

But giant blue beasts do not set off Spidey’ spider-sense.

Is there no radium in the future?

Familiar giant green bug appears and Spider-Man apparently kills it.

The mutated vines are like the “meep meep” guys from the Muppets.

Temple looks an awful lot like the home of the Subterraneans in whatever episode they’re in.

Spider-Man is killing the vine mutates all over the place.

Now fighting a giant red bug.

Must be hard to swing with those radium gems up his shirt…not to mention the radioactivity.

Villains need to not walk around with their mouths open so that Spider-Man can’t go easily dropping antidotes or radium gems in them.

Conveniently, the gems cause the time machine to stop working when he comes through.

Peter going to check out Jackie’s basement, nowhatI’msaying.

Hi folks.  Tom here.

This episode broke Jimmy.

Jimmy is, easily, the biggest Spider-Man fan I have ever encountered anywhere and Beverly Hills.

Does that random Spaceballs reference work?  I don’t think so.

At any rate, something about these later Spider-Man cartoons was getting to Jimmy.  You can see his notes up there, where Spidey hits a time machine and somehow battles giant bugs.  I haven’t seen the episode in question, and when I asked Jimmy about it, he went all, “The horror.  The horror.”  That was creepy.

An Apocalypse Now reference certainly works.  We just need to see Jimmy as Marlon Brando as a blatantly overweight commando hiding literally in the shadows of the Vietnam war.  Or we can say we’re citing Joseph Conrad’s original novel Heart of Darkness and call it a day.

So, please, be kind to Jimmy when you see him.  He’s had it rough.  Really rough.  How weird, quaint, or, well, bad can a Spider-Man cartoon be to break a man like that?  Why couldn’t it be the Green Goblin using the time machine?  That’s more of a Doctor Doom thing anyway.  Let Reed Richards handle it.  If he wants to go by “Mr. Fantastic,” then he should do more fantastic things and not just be “Mr. Cocky Alias” combined with “Mr. Overrated Superpowers”.

We now return to Jimmy’s regularly scheduled mental breakdown over a bad Spider-Man cartoon.