July 16, 2024

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Comic Review: DC Rebirth Green Arrow Volume 2

Green Arrow is stuck on an island again in this continuation of his Rebirth series.

I enjoyed Volume 1 of the DC Comics’ Rebirth title of Green Arrow.  As such, I read Volume 2, subtitled Island of Scars, but then I had a thought…

Here’s my thought:  Green Arrow just makes things worse when he saves the day.  This particular volume covers six issues, made up of three two-parters.  The first follows Ollie Queen’s half-sister Emiko in Japan, trying to free her mother Shado from a Yakuza debt.  She doesn’t do much better, but the following two, showing Ollie trapped on an island and then riding a trans-Pacific, undersea train back to his home base in Seattle, end with Ollie either causing too much damage to the island or too much damage to the train line.  He takes all this in stride, and heck, he isn’t even responsible for the train tunnel flooding, but his self-righteous, lefty political leanings cause him to get into more trouble than he should be.

Fortunately, he doesn’t work alone.  Even on the island, he has back-up in the form of love interest Black Canary and good friend John Diggle.  The three working together are necessary for the last arc, going against mercenary Eddie Fyers.

Writer Benjamin Percy makes sure to keep Ollie’s liberal politics at the center of the series, a smart move for a rare, politically-motivated hero like Green Arrow.  That may be why Ollie causes more destruction than he intends to, and why he more or less takes it in stride.  Then again, an unnamed official at the end of the last issue who promises to maintain the diplomatic efforts of a slain Arab diplomat sure does look a lot like Hilary Clinton.  Hey, DC’s universe doesn’t have to follow ours exactly…

As for the book, let’s say eight and a half robo-bears out of ten.