July 1, 2022

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Gravity Falls “Into The Bunker”

Season Two, Episode Two.

Dipper has had a thing for Wendy since the two met.

Maybe he should tell her…

As it is, he does ask her to come along on an exploratory mission to find the journal’s mystery author.  It seems he had a bunker under a tree in the forest, and having a lumberjack’s daughter like Wendy around can come in handy.  So, off we see Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Wendy down into the deep, dark bunker.  Is it dangerous down there?

Of course it is.  And not just because Mabel found Dipper’s love speech and threatens to keep Wendy and Dipper locked in a closet until Dipper tells Wendy how he feels.  Dipper won’t do that, and Mabel likewise won’t believe him that there’s a monster in there.

It’s Gravity Falls.  Of course there’s a monster in there.  It’s a shapeshifter that can copy the form of anything it sees.  Fortunately, a kindly old scientist type voiced by Mark Hamill finds Wendy and Dipper first.

Oh, wait, that scientist looks like the guy on the label for a can of beans.  He is the monster, and Dipper passed the journal off to the guy and he got quite the eyeful first.  Will Wendy and Dipper escape?  Will Soos and Mabel figure out there is a monster down there?  Will Soos and Mabel be able to convince Dipper and Wendy they are who they appear to be?

OK, in order:  yes, yes, and oh sure.

Dipper and Wendy do manage to get the shapeshifter into a cryogenic tube, and then Dipper does tell Wendy how he feels.  It turns out she knew because Dipper is always muttering things under his breath.  And he’s too young for her.

At least they have bad movies to watch together.

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