June 19, 2024

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House Of Cards UK “To Play The King Episode Two”

Part Two, Episode Two.

Man, what a difference an adaptation makes…

Let’s talk about Stamper.  Not Doug Stamper, who would never in a million years betray his boss.  No, this time I want to talk about his UK counterpart, Tim Stamper.

What is Tim Stamper’s deal?  He isn’t a sycophant like Doug.  He’s ambitious.  Elizabeth Urquhart senses he wants her husband’s job someday.  Francis just shrugs it off, but seeing a Stamper plotting on his own for something other than some warped crush on a prostitute is just weird and welcoming.

Plus, we see Sarah Harding, after spending an full two episodes (mostly) saying she won’t be having sex with Francis…suggesting they have sex.  Some people suggested to her in what looked like a mugging that she ask about Mattie.  She does.  Francis lies through his teeth, telling her Mattie was a suicide.  Somehow this turns Sarah on…

Meanwhile, we’ve got IRA terrorists getting gunned down in what looks like a supermarket parking lot, a king talking the benefits of socialism over a fancy feast and later there’s some fox hunting.

There’s something off about the royal socialism.  It’s easy to feel that way when you have nothing to lose, though Francis does respect the institution of the monarchy.  He just knows he can force a king to abdicate if he needs to.  In the meantime, he’s called for an election to show the king who has the real power in this country…