July 23, 2024

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Disney Buying Fox? What Could That Mean?

The X-Men back in the MCU? Theoretically, it could happen...

Rumors came around this week suggesting Disney was looking to maybe buy 20th Century Fox, save Fox News, Fox Sports, and the Fox Broadcast Network.  Since then, Bloomberg has reported those talks are more or less dead.

But hey, speculation never hurt anyone, so let’s look at what that could mean for the MCU.

Fantastic Four

Let’s be honest.  The FF would only benefit from such a move.  Fox hasn’t made any particularly good FF movies, and if Marvel Films can make obscure characters like Guardians of the Galaxy into something cool and awesome, then the group that for years were featured in a book that went by “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine”  should be a snap.

Hugh Jackman?

Hugh Jackman hung up his claws in a great way, but he did suggest he’d maybe play Wolverine again if he got to do it in an Avengers movie.  Jackman’s Wolverine giving death glares to Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark?  Yeah, that could be pretty damn cool if Jackman would do it.

Plus, there’s a Geek Bet around these parts on that eventuality…

The X-Men

And now we get to the tricky part.  The X-Men films have been moderately successful for Fox.  Not MCU-level successful, but they do well enough.  Marvel would probably love to have the mutants back in the fold, especially if that means they can stop pretending the Inhumans are a thing.  But would that mean rebooting the X-Men like they did with Sony and Spider-Man?  Probably.  Can that work again?  Did Fox make the X-Men so convoluted with multiple timelines that it would be difficult to draw in an audience for another reboot or alternate timeline or what?

Well, if it gets Marvel to stop pretending the Inhumans are a thing, I wouldn’t mind either way.


You know, I’m not sure Disney/Marvel Films would actually make an R-rated superhero movie.  Fox actually seems a lot more daring with its properties when you consider how Deadpool and Logan turned out, plus the horror movie vibe New Mutants is giving off.  I don’t think I want to see a Disnified Deadpool.

Of course, a part of me wonders…there’s long been predictions that the blockbuster film craze that the studios keep pumping out these big budget special effects extravaganzas will eventually cause a wide scale financial collapse that will have a ripple effect through Hollywood and Fox wants to get out of that while the gettin’s good.

But I’m not a numbers guy.  Leave that for Ryan and Watson.  Besides, there are few ways some of these properties could actually turn out worse…