April 19, 2024

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Gravity Falls “Scary-Oke”

Season Two, Episode One.

When last we left the Pines family, they got the Mystery Shack back, and Stan borrowed Dipper’s book to do something with some giant supercomputer-lookin’ thing in the basement.  What did he do?

I still don’t know!  But he used a six-fingered rubber glove at one point.  Say, those books have six-fingered hands on the covers…

But the main thing is the government noticed and sent a pair of agents from an unidentified agency to check into Gravity Falls, and while Stan didn’t want those guys around, even if one did sound like Nick Offerman, Dipper thought he had the perfect people to get to believe him about the weird stuff around town.  And when they don’t, he reads a magic spell from the journal and conjures a bunch of zombies who drag the agents away.  Fortunately, the sudden earthquakes scare away most of the welcome-back partygoers around the Shack, but Soos isn’t one of those.  He thinks he has zombies covered until one bites him immediately after saying he’s got zombies covered.

Fortunately, even as Soos is wandering around moaning for brains, he’s still basically an easy-going dude.

But what will the Pines family do?  Stan seems to be missing since he’s doing more experiments in the hidden basement, and the kids (plus Waddles) are cornered and scared when…Stan busts in and goes all ape-spit on the zombies.  He actually knows what he’s doing.  It seems he knew the town was weird all along.  He just didn’t confirm it in hopes Dipper would leave well enough alone.  Obviously, Dipper did not.  But since Dipper’s book has a bunch of blank pages…

Wait, those pages were written in invisible ink!  There is a way to stop zombies!  Their heads explode to the sounds of a perfect three-part harmony.  That would be where Mabel’s karaoke dreams with her family come true.

But as for Stan and Dipper, Stan promises not to lie anymore about what he knows and Dipper promises not to go looking for more trouble.  They were both lying.  It’s also a good thing for Soos that the journal mentions a zombie cure involving a lot of fermaldahyde and a dash of cinnamon.

Not such a good thing those agents decided to look around town some more…