June 19, 2024

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Deadwood “Mister Wu”

Season One, Episode Ten.

Bullock is still regretting volunteering to be the town’s health commissioner.  Volunteering because he knew no one else would…we’ve all been there, man.

Well, I have.  That may be why I’m writing this stuff right now.

But for all Bullock is griping, he has it pretty good.  Reverend Smith is, well, probably dying.  He’s wandering around the settlement, blind in one eye and generally not sure where he seems to be.  At least Bullock and Starr welcome him when he wanders into their place.  Swearengen just tosses him out.

But then there’s the mysterious Mr. Wu.  I say “mysterious” because he’s mostly hung in the background, letting Swearengen and Tolliver use his pigs as a convenient body disposal method, and not really saying anything.

It turns out there’s a darn good reason he isn’t saying anything, and that’s because he doesn’t know much in the way of English.  He does seem to know two words:  “Swearengen,” and “cocksucker”.  That last one would be the word you pick up if you hang around with Al long enough.  Anyway, Wu has a problem.  Two white guys ambushed his courier, killed the courier, and stole the delivery.  What was he delivering?  Opium for Al.

Now he wants the two cocksuckers dead.

As it is, there are two very good suspects in town.  One is a spy for Al, the other is a spy for Tolliver.  Both know this.  Al does manage to talk Wu down to one dead guy.  So, which one will it be?  Al gets to pick, and he takes out his own spy instead of Tolliver’s.  Why?  For future leverage purposes.  That’s so impressive, he makes a new henchman out of the guy the magistrate sent to town to collect the bribe money.

By the way, anyone else just sure E.B. is going to take some of the bribe money for himself in his role as mayor?  It’s what he does!