November 27, 2022

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The Night Of “Ordinary Death”

Episode Seven.

I really love the John Stone character, as he seems to be much sharper than he appears to be, but still has the worst luck possible.  Maybe he got his feet fixed, but he still has to deal with the cat he temporarily took in that he’s allergic to.  And, of course, the cat jumps into bed with him the one time he leaves the door open.

After the prosecution goes through the motions that make Naz out to be a heartless killer, even someone with a history of violence, it’s time for the defense.  They don’t, of course, have to prove Naz is innocent.  They just have to prove he maybe didn’t do it.  One way to do that is find another suspect.  Hey, Angela’s stepdad is a shifty character, and not just because Paul Sparks is required to be a shifty character on HBO.  The personal trainer who prefers older, wealthy women and who’s got all kinds of financial problems?  Yeah, that could be a suspect.  Too bad Stone is spotted by him while Stone is spying on him.

Plus, the defense witness is much more confident on knife stuff, and Detective Box of all people got called out for not following through on various procedures and how he gave Naz his inhaler back from the crime scene, something you’d think he wouldn’t do for a murderer.  And there may be a second victim…

On the other hand, even if he’s innocent, Naz is doing drugs, his distraught parents are selling anything of value they might have to pay for the court costs, he’s working with Freddy to kill a dude and kisses Chandra, which can’t be good for either of them.

I guess John Stone will need to save the day.

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