April 24, 2024

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Gravity Falls “Gideon Rises”

Season one finale.

So, loyal viewers of Gravity Falls–plus any of them who know the basics of counting–would have noted Dipper has Journal #3 and Gideon has Journal #2.

So where’s Journal #1?

And while we’re on the subject, why does Gideon want the Mystery Shack so badly?  Stan is obnoxious and hardly a beloved figure in town, but Gideon’s level of animosity, plus his desire to actually own the Mystery Shack, simply says there’s something there he really wants.  And given how weird this show’s setting is, it could be anything.  Why would he want some dilapidated old tourist trap?

And seriously, why is anyone acting like simply holding the deed in his hand is the equivalent of owning the property?  It doesn’t work that way.

Oh, that’s right.  The people of Gravity Falls, especially the law enforcement, are fairly stupid.

As it is, Stan and the kids are staying with Soos and his Spanish-speaking grandma.  Stan’s broke and homeless.  Dipper and Mabel may have to go back to their parents early.  Soos just took whatever odd jobs he could.  Wendy needs the Shack to keep her dad, Manly Dan, from sending her to work in a lumber yard north of town.  Aside from Mabel’s friends, those are the only people who seem to be upset that Stan lost the Shack.  Gideon, who’s making all kinds of accurate psychic predictions, is going to build an amusement park there.  And even more baffling than his “ownership” of the Shack is the deed apparently includes poor Waddles.

But Gideon doesn’t want an amusement park.  He wants…Journal #1.  Journal #2 hints that the first book is hidden on the Shack’s grounds.  He just has to find it.  How will the Pines prevail?

Well, it takes everyone proving they can do something.  Dipper tries to rally the gnomes against Gideon, and that works up to a point until Gideon realizes the gnomes are affected by the same whistle Gideon used against Waddles.  Their leader was bathing in live squirrels, so let’s not think too hard about that.  And during the routing of the gnomes, Dipper loses his book and Gideon thinks he has Journal #1, which will lead to some great power when combined with Journal #2.  Defeated, the Pineses get on a bus for home, one driven by Soos in another of his part time jobs.  But then Gideon sees the number on Dipper’s book is #3 and assumes Dipper has #1 (he does not).  And as it turns out, the giant Gideon statue Old Man McGucket was building was actually a giant mecha robot that can easily catch up to a bus.  How will the twins survive?  And how will Stan get the Shack back?

Well, it comes down to three generally unreliable things being reliable.  Dipper has a moment of strength without his book by attacking Gideon inside the robot and beating him in a fight.  Mabel actually gets her grappling hook gun to work.  And Stan notes the buttons Gideon is handing out cause problems for his hearing aid, meaning he finds the hidden cameras in them and reveals to the whole town that Gideon’s psychic predictions were the result of large-scale spying on everyone.  Gideon gets arrested, Stan gets proclaimed a local hero and gets his deed back (with Journal #2 when no one was looking), and Mabel and Dipper get to stay in the Shack for the rest of the summer.

But then comes the season-ending hook.  Dipper shows Stan Journal #3.  Stan, as expected, scoffs at the weird stuff listed inside but asks to borrow the book anyway.  And then Stan goes downstairs to his secret room behind the vending machine.  It’s rather…high tech down there.  Multiple levels of security and everything.  And in one room we find…Journal #1.  Stan opens the three books and combines them to do something to activate some machine down there.  What does it do?

Beats the hell out of me.  Come back in season two to find out.