November 27, 2022

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The Night Of “The Season Of The Witch”

Episode Five

OK, so, theoretically, it can’t get too much worse for Naz if he’s going to be on trial for murder and it sure looks like he did it, right?


Er, maybe.


Detective Box mapped his movements the night of, and there’s video surveillance showing Andrea get into his cab after he kicked two guys out.  That makes the prosecutor think the whole thing was premeditated.

Plus, the toxicology reports show he had speed in his system while Andrea didn’t.  So, you know, he isn’t the good boy everyone thought he was up to that point.  It also doesn’t help that the medical examiner is willing to state in court that the slash wound on Naz’s hand came from bobbling the knife.

And finally, while he accepted Freddy’s help, that means he has to smuggle drugs into the prison by swallowing them and letting them pass through his body.  One of the four bags didn’t come through…


While Chandra is now representing him in court, with no help from anyone else at her firm, she is able to recruit John Stone.  Stone, it seems, is actually good at his job despite appearances to the contrary.  He manages to flush out a witness or two in the form of Andrea’s drug dealer and the second man who witnessed Naz and Andrea on the street.  That man was one Duane Reed.  He ran for it, sure, but John  and Chandra know he exists, which is more than the cops can say.  The other witness, Trevor, is a bit hostile and the prosecutor won’t be calling him to the stand from the looks of things.

Watching Stone do his thing is actually rather impressive.  This is a guy who gets mocked doing a career day at his son’s school.  His eczema isn’t going away, and the current medication causes some, shall we say, embarrassing situations in the bedroom.  But the lawyer thing…he has it down.  John can play witnesses like a fiddle when he needs to.

Plus, Detective Box may be doubting Naz’s guilt.  Hard to say.  The “previously on” segment keeps showing Stone say as much to Box.

And while swallowing drugs doesn’t help, Naz does have a cell of his own, other prisoners fear him, and he got to beat up the guy who tried to kill him.


Well, Andrea’s cat won’t be euthanized any time soon.  Stone at least temporarily took it in despite being allergic.  He keeps it in his son’s room and keeps asking folks if they want to take it off his hands.  So far, no takers.

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