January 24, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “Once Upon A Time In Springfield”

In which Krusty gets engaged to Anne Hathaway. Sort of.

Apparently, this episode was part of the 20th anniversary of The Simpsons.  It does boast a number of guest stars, including the late Eartha Kitt, who died between recording her lines and the episode airing.

It also has the return of Anne Hathaway as a different character.

So, it seems Krusty’s show is doing badly with the young, female demographic.  To fix this, network suits want to add a new character/co-host.  Krusty doesn’t get it.  Why isn’t he and Mr. Teeny shooting flaming arrows at each other’s crotches getting more female viewers?  Well, he’d object but the alternative for the network is a new reality show where contestants line up to get Krusty’s job.  As a result, Krusty is all-in for the co-host bit.

Meanwhile, there’s something about how Mr. Burns cut off the Plant’s free doughnuts to save money rather than, say, cutting the expensive novelty IDs or the furniture nailed to the ceiling.  That leads a corporate headhunter, not the scary kind that literally hunts heads, who comes looking to recruit Lenny, Carl, and Homer for the Capitol City Nuclear Power Plant, a place that treats employees like gold and even has guest star Gary Larson on hand to draw new Far Side comics on request.  Burns only keeps the middle of his solid tug-o-war team by giving them much better, much less healthy doughnuts.  And that’s the end of that subplot, so let’s get back to Krusty.

Anyway, Krusty’s new co-host is Princess Penelope.  She sings very well because she’s got Anne Hathaway’s pipes, and she does your standard princess stuff with pixie dust and unicorns that make even hardened cynics like Lisa pay attention.  And as Penelope’s popularity takes off, Krusty’s takes a dive to the dismay of loyal male fans like Bart and Milhouse.  When Bart visits the Krusty store and finds all the Krusty merchandise in the dumpster, he manages to talk Krusty into standing up for himself.

That works for all of a minute when Krusty learns the Long Island-born-and-accented Penelope was a huge fan of his growing up and she’s smitten with him.  It turns out that when an attractive woman under 30 throws herself at him, Krusty melts away.  Now Krusty’s show is all about being in love and has gotten even worse for fans like Bart and Milhouse.  When Krusty proposes to Penelope on the air, it’s up to the boys to break it up.

They do that by crashing the wedding, being officiated by Jackie Mason’s Rabbi Krustofski, with Krusty’s two ex-wives.  The first is Holly Hippie, who Krusty forbade from watching the moon landing back in ’69.  The other was on video, the late Eartha Kitt.  She’d been married to Krusty for a full six hours and hated that clown.  Does this scare off Penelope?  No.  She knows all about Krusty’s dark secrets.  But Krusty loves Penelope too much to put her through life with him and calls off the wedding.  Penelope leaves heartbroken, knowing they’ll always have Sideshow Mel’s dressing room (um, ew).

The Rabbi seems happy about this for some reason.

But fear not.  Penelope moves to Paris and sings heart wrenching songs that even affect Tintin in her new job as a street musician, but Krusty isn’t that noble and tracks her down there, allowing the two to reunite.

Aw, that’s sweet.  20 years and for the anniversary, we get a Krusty episode.

I guess that makes sense.

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