April 14, 2024

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Trailer Time: New Mutants

20th Century Fox comes out with a trailer for its cinematic X-verse that is very different from what's come out before.

Well, this was unexpected…a trailer for next April’s New Mutants movie, and one with a decidedly different tone from most superhero films.

I really want to give 20th Century Fox some credit here:  more than the MCU or the DCEU or whatever the hell Sony is doing, they really are pushing the bounds of what a superhero movie can be within the X-Men cinematic universe.  There was the irreverent comedy of Deadpool, the sad finale of an aging hero on a last mission with Logan, and now a New Mutants that looks like a straight-up horror movie.  And why not?  Mutant powers are supposed to kick in at puberty, and that can be a scary time for real people, but then factor in the characters chosen for the movie include a werewolf mutant, a burning mutant, a mutant that can conjure a person’s fears, and a mutant that can open what may be demonic portals to Hell, then yeah, that’s horror when the least scary guy just generates a “blast field” that can protect him from harm and let him fly around like a rocket.

Point is, this could work out very well, and there are a few faces familiar to folks who’ve seen things like Game of ThronesStranger Things, and Split.

Anyway, see for yourself.