April 21, 2024

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Gravity Falls “Land Before Swine”

Season One, Episode Eighteen.

A lot of stuff comes to light and gets resolved when a pig’s life is in danger.

There’s something loose in Gravity Falls.

You know, again.

What is it this time?  A pterodactyl.  It’s already stolen the top of the town’s one police car, which might have led to something if Blubs and Durland weren’t too excited about suddenly having a convertible.

But then the suddenly-awakened beastie steals Waddles, which makes Mabel miserable, even moreso when she realizes Grunkle Stan did not punch the thing in the face when it came inside to steal the pig but instead tossed Waddles outside where it was easy prey for a flying dinosaur.

Meanwhile, Dipper is worried Soos keeps screwing everything up because, well, Soos does tend to screw everything up.  Soos overhears Dipper telling Mabel such, and he’s hurt.

Will there be anything that can reconcile Stan and Mable or Dipper and Soos?  And what does Old Man McGucket have to do with it?  The creature took the old man’s musical spoons, so he also tagged along.

Good news!  Despite being surrounded by bones of various explorers, Waddles is fine, and that means we can get some reconciliation.  The pterodactyl had burst out of some amber where there were a lot of other dinosaurs and laid an egg.  When the eggs hatched, the new baby ate Old Man McGucket.  He didn’t mind, but the creature’s eyes were so far apart, Soos realized it couldn’t see very well if you stood sideways directly in front of it, so he and Dipper made up.

Stan, meanwhile, to save Waddles literally punched the adult pterodactyl in the face many times.

As Soos and the Pines escaped the hidden cave of terror with Waddles, it looks like everyone is reconciled.  Soos and Dipper can enjoy some TV while Stan enjoys a card game with Mabel and Waddles.  The pig keeps winning.

But will some other terror emerge from that cave?  Well, something did.

Old Man McGucket is back, and he found his musical spoons.