March 2, 2024

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Deadwood “Bullock Returns To The Camp”

Season One, Episode Seven.

As promised by the title, Seth Bullock returns to Deadwood, Charlie Utter in tow, and he’s a bit more reflective then when he left.

As Bullock explains to Seth, the Sioux Indian he killed the episode before was only doing right by his friend when Bullock unintentionally stumbled into the area looking for Jack McCall.  That was more or less what Bullock was doing for Hickok and it was only dumb luck that Bullock survived the ordeal at all.  The whole thing put Bullock in a philosophical frame of mind, and he seems a bit more determined to do right by people.

Doing right by people starts with Alma Garrett, clean now with some help from Trixie, though Al saw through it and Trixie did manage to talk her way out of her own personal trouble, though Trixie won’t take any charity.  Doing right by Alma, for Bullock, means telling Swearengen to hire a surveyor because if anything isn’t on the up-and-up with Alma’s claim, then Bullock will deal with Swearengen no matter what.

Considering Al can make the same threat right back, and Al has a lot more resources than Bullock, well, that takes some brass balls, doesn’t it?

But if there seems to be a connection between Seth and Alma, we also see Sol is sweet on Trixie and Al’s henchman Dan is sweet on a new woman in town with her brother looking for their missing father.  Too bad the siblings are a lot less honest than they seem as they each get a job at one of the brothels.

Is anyone not doing anything romantic?  Charlie looks into how Hickok died and then has a moment with Jane at Wild Bill’s grave.  Jane’s proving to be a pretty good nurse in the plaque tent even if Reverend Smith is going off the deep end due to religious devotion.  Heck, that guy Jane took care of in the woods recovered.

So, right now, we have the reinforcement of good and evil in town, sides chosen, and trouble coming.  Maybe.