December 6, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “Treehouse Of Horror XX”

In which we do the Halloween thing for the twentieth time.

Plenty of times, the Halloween show does parodies of stuff that, well, isn’t exactly horror.

This time around, after a cold open involving classic monsters Dracula, the Mummy, Frankenstein’s monster, and the Wolf-Man donning modern costumes to fit in and then getting hell from their wives for sneaking out, and then having the wives rip Homer to shreds for saying cheating doesn’t count if you’re in-costume…hey, did Marge help out there?

Never mind.  Alfred Hitchcock, 28 Days Later, and Sweeney Todd are all scary stuff.

But a black and white Hitchcock homage?  Based mostly on Strangers on a Train?  That works.  Bart and Lisa both have detention, but Bart offers a “criss cross” to get back at Krabappel and Hoover.  Lisa thinks Bart saying it would be a prank means it would just be a prank and hits Edna’s doorbell before running away.  No, it turns out Bart meant murder as he has Miss Hoover’s severed head in a bowling ball bag.  And if Lisa doesn’t kill Krabappel, Bart has Groundskeeper Willie on a similar deal to rat out Lisa as the real killer.  All Bart had to do there was murder Skinner.

But then Lisa figures she doesn’t have to kill Krabappel if she kills Bart instead.  Of course, Lisa ends up just tossing the knife away, but it stabs Bart in the head on its way down, so that worked out differently than planned.  Edna was the only witness, but she seems cool with a dead Bart.

Then we have more zombies caused by Krustyburger’s new sandwich made of cows fed other cows.  Bart’s immune, Homer isn’t, and zombie Ralph Wiggum chews on himself.  Apu is fine at first, but the act of driving the Simpsons out of Springfield doesn’t work if a zombie Burns bites Homer, and though the original plan for the folks in the Shelbyville Safe Zone is to eat Bart to gain his immunity, it works out better if Bart just bathes in everyone’s food.  After all, what savior of mankind had people eat his body and blood?  Cue Reverend Lovejoy…

And then there’s a musical stage show put on where Moe discovers Homer’s blood makes Moe’s microbrewery beer taste better and tries to woo Marge. It’s played as a play, but when it’s over, Kang and Kodos are the only ones left in the audience, and one of them is asleep.

Well, it sounds like it worked out better than the last time Moe stole something from Homer to make a profit.

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