July 1, 2022

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Gravity Falls “Boyz Crazy”

Season One, Episode Seventeen.

Both Dipper and Mabel maybe learned valuable lessons about love.

Or they didn’t.  We’ll just have to wait and see.


Mabel, along with her friends Candy and Grenda, are off to see the hot boy band Sev’ral Timez, a name my spellcheck absolutely hates.  Dipper is largely unimpressed since he claims the band is about ten years too late for the boy band craze, plus they seem to be rather manufactured.  As it is, the group of fairly similar looking blonde guys do a lot of teeny bop singing and choreographed dancing, but Mabel and her friends can’t get in since the show is sold out.  They do get to sneak backstage and learn a horrible truth.  Dipper was right!

No, not about being ten years too late.  About the manufactured thing.  The members of the band are all clones.  That might explain why they all look pretty much the same and are all voiced by former member of NSYNC Lance Bass.  The band’s manager has them more or less locked up in a giant hamster cage, so Mabel and company bust them out and sneak them back to the Mystery Shack.  The cruel manager is arrested for driving without a license plate, so that goat is good for something, and all Mabel has to do is let the boys enjoy the outdoors for the first time ever.  She just loves them a whole lot and won’t do it, even as it leads to a fight between her, Candy, and Grenda.

Eventually Mabel realizes if you love something, set it free, leading the clones to ramp and frolic in the forest.  One of them really loves trees if you know what I mean.


Dipper, meanwhile, is suspicious of Robbie again.  Robbie and Wendy had a fight, leading Dipper to think the two were on the way out, but then Robbie came in with a song he said he wrote for and about Wendy, and Dipper thinks there must be some mind control involved since the song works and the two patch things up.

It doesn’t help that Grunkle Stan completely believes the mind control theory.  The two try to find the subliminal message on Robbie’s track, but Stan uses an old victrola to listen to a CD, so it takes time.

As it turns out, there is an alternate track, and Dipper and Stan race to tell Wendy out on Inspiration Point.  Robbie denies it.  The track is listened to.  Robbie lets slip he didn’t really like the song, and Wendy breaks up with him.  Not because of the mind control.  Because of the lying about who wrote the song.  And she isn’t happy with the Pines men either for ruining her relationship.

Did Dipper learn anything?  Somehow I don’t know.  Mabel’s better at learning these things.

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