November 27, 2022

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The Night Of “A Dark Crate”

Episode Three

Two more fantastic actors were added to the series with this episode.  The first is Michael Kenneth Williams, Omar from The Wire.  The second is the late Glenne Headly.

This series is just awesome.

Williams is Freddy, a hardened convict inside Rikers who decides, for some reason, to offer protection to Naz.  Naz doesn’t accept it right away.  Heck, he doesn’t reject it either.  He’s clearly still in shock of some kind of being in that hellhole.  As it is, Freddy has arrangements with many of the guards.  Heck, he was having sex with one of the women and she was smuggling things in for him.  It’s doubtful Freddy is doing anything for Naz our of the goodness of his heart, but Naz does have a target on his back from the other inmates for some reason, most likely owing to racism.

Headly is Alison Crowe, a big time hotshot lawyer who offers to take Naz’s case pro-bono for the Khans.  Considering Stone offered a “flat rate” of $50,000 (which the Khans obviously don’t have), Crowe and her assistant Chandra’s offer to take over for Stone, a lawyer with a reputation for avoiding court at all cost and often sending his clients to jail, well, that looks more interesting to the Khans.

But even after learning that, Stone is still doing some kind of investigation.  And that leads to another victim of sorts:  Andrea’s cat.  Discovered outside the house, Stone lets it in and even feeds it, but can’t take the poor animal due to being allergic.  So, he surrenders the cat to the local overcrowded shelter, another jail of sorts.  If someone doesn’t adopt the thing in ten days, it will be put to sleep.

That’s a nice parallel to Naz, actually, as his case rumbles forward.

And the Khans legal headaches aren’t ending any time soon.  His father’s cab is impounded and he can’t make a living without it.  Neither can the other two men.  Unfortunately, they can’t get it back until after the trial is over…maybe.  The only option is to charge Naz with Grand Theft Auto.  Naz’s father won’t do that.  The other two guys?  Who knows?

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