April 24, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Coming To Homerica”

In which Springfield has an immigration crisis.

Something about this episode of The Simpsons seems awfully topical as I type it up in May.

Let’s see if it is even more so when October comes around…

Krusty the Clown has a problem:  the krustyburger has been deemed the least healthy fast food sandwich in the world.  It even somehow beat out the double krustyburger.  To fix this, Krusty calls for a new veggie burger made of the cheapest vegetable his people can find, and then has it labeled as a healthy, Earth-conscious thing.

That works, because the people of Springfield are gullible idiots, and the Mother Nature Burger is a huge hit.

That huge hit is to sinks, garbage cans, and Lisa’s saxophone when Homer can’t find an unoccupied toilet or sink.  It seems anyone who had one of these new burgers got really sick.  What vegetable did Krusty use?  It wasn’t some random plant that grows in the woods is it?  Nope, it was a legitimate veggie:  barley.  Nearby Ogdenville is the barley capital of, well, maybe the country.  It’s full of barley farmers of stout Norwegian stock.

Naturally, the fact that a bad barley crop caused everyone in Springfield to get sick means a boycott of Ogdenville’s sole source of revenue outside the “going out of business” sign store.  The people there lose their farms and move to Springfield.  At first, the people of Springfield are delighted to have cheap, reliable labor from hard-working folks who will do the things Springfielders don’t want to do, like install Homer’s gutters, be a nanny to the Simpson children, or get engaged to Selma.

But then there are other problems.  Bart tries to impress some Ogdenville kids with a skateboard stunt, but he doesn’t look where he’s going and slams into a parked school bus.  That’s clearly the fault of Ogdenville.  Homer tries their drink of choice because it’s all Moe will serve, gets too drunk, and loses his job.  Also, clearly, the fault of Ogdenville.  As such, the city of Springfield bans both immigrants and xylophones, partially because Homer doesn’t know how to pronounce “xenophobia”.

But then Chief Wiggum is too fat, lazy, and dumb to stop Odgenvillers crossing the border, sometimes even when said illegals enter Springfield by going between Wiggum’s own legs, so that means finding a vigilante group to protect the border.  That means a lot of heavily-armed yahoos standing at the border, and yes, Homer is their leader.  Looking for a patriotic name for their group, Homer rejects Cletus’ suggestions of “the Klan” and “the Nazis” before settling on “the Star Spangled Goofballs”.  That leads the city to consider maybe building a wall instead.

Wait, a wall?  Like, on the border?  Huh.

By the by, Marge is initially against the wall, but then Maggie’s first word is “Ja!”

But the people of Springfield suck at construction and hire a bunch of Ogdenvillers to help.  That helps the two cities bond, and when the wall is finished, the people of Springfield miss their Norwegian neighbors.

Good thing those neighbors built a door into the wall.

And it’s a good thing everyone now just wants to party.

And that ends season twenty.