April 12, 2024

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Gravity Falls “Carpet Diem”

Season One, Episode Sixteen.

Ah, body swapping.  What a comedic gift from sci-fi when it’s done right…

Dipper Pines has had enough.  Sure, he and his twin sister Mabel managed to set up a sweet mini-golf course in their shared attic room in the Mystery Shack, but Mabel is having a sleepover with her friends Candy and Grenda.  That means the sort of thing girls their age do, which is torture for poor Dipper.  He tries to find another room.  Soos’ break room?  It’s a very narrow closet.  There are no other rooms, so he opts to sleep outside, where a wolf chewing on his leg is still preferable to staying in the room with Mabel.  Not that Dipper’s perfect.  He reads at night…while talking out loud and taking copious notes.  Those mystery books won’t solve themselves.

So when Soos discovers a new room with a shag rug and lots of dust on the floor, Dipper wants it for himself.  So does Mabel.  Stan will give it to whoever sucks up the best.  That goes about as well as can be expected, but when Dipper finds he likes the shag rug with the “experiment” tag on it, he rubs his stocking feet along the thing, builds up a charge, and when Mabel comes in to yell at him or something, the two come in contact and switch bodies.

Sure, they know how and could switch back, but instead they can sabotage each other.  That leads to other problems, like Dipper-in-Mabel’s body getting a make-over from Grenda and Candy, and Mabel-in-Dipper’s body getting a “birds and the bees” lecture from Stan that is sure to scar that poor girl for life.

Oh, and then Soos switches bodies with Waddles, something that gives the young man pleasure until Old Man McGucket decides to eat the pig.  Plus, Waddles somehow manages to get Soos a raise instead of a pay cut.

Are we done body swapping yet?  Nope.  Dipper wins the room, despite Mabel yelling insults at Stan.  Stan just thought standing up to the old man showed some real guts.  That leads to more problems as Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Waddles, Candy, Grenda, Old Man McGucket, Sherif Blubs, and Deputy Durland all converge on the room and there’s all kinds of body-swapping going on.  Somehow everyone ends up where they should, though McGucket still wants to eat the now-human Soos.

But there were some mysteries posed.  Why did Dipper want to move out?  He felt left out during the sleepovers, so in the end, the twins both keep the attic and let Soos use the room (without the carpet) for his new break room.

Waddles, as Soos, managed to get engaged to a human woman.  That doesn’t last.

And Stan?  He found a pair of glasses in there that he seems a bit interested in…