October 4, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “The Good, The Sad, And The Drugly”

In which Bart dates Anne Hathaway. Sort of.

Say, remember when Bart was put on drugs to improve his behavior at school?

Now it’s Lisa’s turn.

I expect sometime around season 31 or so, we’ll get one of these episodes for Maggie.

Actually, this episode is mostly about Bart.  Lisa’s drug thing is a subplot.  It seems asking her to research what Springfield will be like in 50 years shows her doom and gloom, so it makes her desperate and despairing, so she got put on something called “Ignorital” until Marge got weirded out by the way Lisa just saw smiley faces everywhere covering anything that might have been remotely upsetting.  That’s all I’ll say about that then.

But we open the episode with Bart and Milhouse.  They’ve just unscrewed every screw in Springfield Elementary, and soon everything seems to be falling apart.  Doors, lockers, the sign out front, the bell, clocks, everything.  Milhouse was caught with the evidence, and despite grilling by Skinner and Chalmers, he refused to give up Bart and was given a week’s suspension.  The adults know Milhouse didn’t act alone.  As Groundskeeper Willie points out, Milhouse failed the “unscrew the screws” class.

But things go awry for Bart.  Though he initially says he will visit his friend every day while the kid is on house arrest, Homer immediately picks him and drops him off at the Retirement Home to visit Grampa.  And that’s where Bart meets Jenny (guest star Anne Hathaway).  She’s a fifth grader Bart has apparently never seen before, a perpetual volunteer who does nothing but good deeds like visit the elderly.  One day, Bart knows, she’ll have more curves than a Hot Wheels track, but for now, he wants her to like him, and she doesn’t seem all that interested in pranks and bad behavior.

So, in a nutshell, Bart will have to be good.

That seems to work.  Granted, Bart is lying about doing things like helping a mentally disabled man, that being Homer, but Jenny is quick to see Homer arguing with his own reflection, so she buys it.  Bart even stands up to Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney when they play keep-away with a baby duckling and its mother.  Bart tries to point out he’s trying to impress a girl.  Bad news there is, so are the bullies.  Their lone girl wants to see someone hurt, be it Bart or the duck.  They choose Bart.

Fortunately, this makes Jenny even more smitten with Bart.  Bart’s even doing chores at home.  He’s happy and in a good place, and having Jenny over for dinner where Homer is Homer and Lisa is tripping doesn’t scare her off.  Nothing can go wrong!

Wait, yes it can.  Milhouse shows up.  His suspension is over, and he wants to know why Bart never came by as promised.  And he gets an eyeful once he cleans his fogged glasses.  Milhouse being upset means he will torment Bart until finally Bart confesses to Jenny that he’s a prankster.  Was the whole relationship built on lies?  No, for as Bart points out, she never lied to him!

Well, she dumped him then.  And Bart gets some sound advice from Lisa about apologizing, so he does with a bouquet of roses.

He gave them to Milhouse.  All is forgiven.  To prove it, the boys get the zamboni king to make the halls of the school very slick ice, leading to lots of slippin’ and slidin’.

Well, Groundskeeper Willie seemed to like it.  And he’s dating a Swedish bikini model.  Things are coming up Willie!

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