June 20, 2024

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Podcast Reaction: The Mystery Dog Edition

The guys discover and largely ignore a mystery.

This week on the podcast, Jenny was on vacation.  That means Ryan and Watson will talk the box office and put everyone to sleep.

They also discussed the remainder of the 2017 movie schedule, and let’s be honest:  I am going to see most of the things they mentioned as the self-appointed Gabbing Geek movie critic.  So, yeah, I won’t be speaking up on that.

But then there was something else…

What was up with the dog?

Where did that dog come from?

Watson’s ideal source for mystery dogs.

About halfway through the show, Watson noted he had no idea Ryan had a dog because he heard barking through his home connection.

The funny thing is, and here we mean odd not hilarious, is Ryan does not own a dog and assumed the dog belonged to Watson.

And then sometime later, there was a cellphone sound.

So, while the guys had a quick chuckle over this before they went back to pleasuring themselves over talk of how badly Ninjago failed on every conceivable level, we were left with the mystery of the dog, who may or may not have had a cell phone.

This is not the sort of thing we should gloss over.  Are there dogs operating cell phones out there?  Should that be a cause for concern?  Have they infiltrated the Internet in unexpected ways?  Will they take over the podcast?  Will they take over other podcasts?  Is this what Alex Jones was really warning us about?  Why am I not upset I know who Alex Jones is?  Why is the sky blue?  Is it bluer in Jimmy’s country?  How can Jenny be on vacation again?  Can anyone answer any of these questions?

Well, there is one guy who can answer these questions…

Then again, it was probably him on the phone, calling in Watson and Ryan for boring box office talk again.