April 1, 2023

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Gravity Falls “The Deep End”

Season One, Episode Fifteen.

So, both the Pine twins try to do stuff to get kissed or something.

Only one is successful.

It’s the hottest day of the year.  Everyone in the Mystery Shack appears to be sweltering, with anything meltable melting and squirrels spontaneously combusting outside.  Good news!  The Gravity Falls community pool is open!  Off the family (plus Soos) goes!

So, setting Soos aside since even though he is an amicable dude that’s just plain helpful, he also isn’t a member of the family and he doesn’t have much of a plot aside from believing the balloon duckies were alive and needed to be released.  Maybe he could bust that poor kid out of pool jail solitary, but that may be getting ahead of myself, since there is a pool jail.

OK, so, let’s go through each one…


Stan just wants the perfect beach chair, one equidistant between the snack bar and the bath room, far from Old Man McGucket, and with the right combo of sun and shade.  The problem is Gideon wants the same chair and Stan’s efforts to get the kid out lands him in Pool Jail.  Yes, it is a thing.  His solution is to break in the following night and simply take the chair well before the pool opens for the day.

But Gideon thought of that too and put glue on the chair before Stan got there.

That’s about it for Stan.


Mabel has a crush on a guy in the pool.  She’s had these before, but something always stops her from getting that first kiss.  She swims out see the cute guy and there is, as is always the case for poor Mabel, something wrong.

The guy’s a trapped merman named Mermando.  He’s Spanish.  Mabel thinks his accent is caused by some fish language.  It isn’t.She’s smitten, but he doesn’t know what a kiss is.  It’s only dumb luck he got stuck in the pool anyway, but Mabel vows to get him out and not reveal he’s a merman at the same time.

There’s just one obstacle…


Why would Dipper be an obstacle?  Well, Wendy is a lifeguard at the pool, and smitten Dipper decides to volunteer there as well.  He just needs to stay on the good side of blatantly crazy Mr. Poolcheck, the guy running the pool.  He has a detachable hand and seems very…intense.  Mabel’s escapades one night damage a pool skimmer, and if one more thing gets damaged or destroyed, he’s out.

So, Dipper is there when Stan cuts through the fence to get that chair.  And Dipper won’t let Mabel swipe a cooler he doesn’t know has a merman inside, and the two have a high-speed cart chase to Gravity Falls lake, which ends with Dipper giving Mermando Reverse CPR and Mabel getting that kiss as he gets into the lake.  Dipper loses the job, but so did Wendy, so that worked out.

Except for Soos, since he let those duckies go just as Poolcheck was chewing Dipper out for carelessness with public pool supplies.

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