April 24, 2024

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House Of Cards “Chapter Sixty-Four”

Season Five, Episode Twelve.

Oh come on!

So, look, House of Cards has never been a realistic show.  It barely pretended to be early on, but it seems to flirt with being one and then…

We see both the Underwoods at least attempt murder in places where, well gosh golly gee whiz, SOMEONE SHOULD SEE SOMETHING!

This is a show where June Davis apparently knows everything and is mostly plotting to make Claire president because she believes Claire is a good fit for the office (why is that, exactly?).  This is a show where Tom Hammerschmidt is sending false information through his assistant so the White House will think it cracked Zoe Barnes’ phone to see her old text messages to Frank.  This is a show where the Underwoods get Doug Stamper to take the fall for Zoe’s murder.  This is a show where stupid stuff happens on a routine basis, but Kevin Spacey is so darn good at chewing scenery we don’t care.

See the final minutes here, where he goes to testify in front of Congress and then goes on to admit he did play the system, but only the way that everyone else did (not true obviously), and even took time to express contempt for the home audience.  There’s something to that.  One way politicians get away with dirty tricks, like Nixon did for so long before Watergate eventually brought him down, was too many people just shrugged and said all the politicians did that sort of thing when, in fact, NO THEY DID NOT!  JUST NIXON!

It doesn’t take too much effort to find politicians who still play the “everybody does it” card, or to watch people buying that argument no matter how ludicrous.

But what don’t most politicians do?  Push the Secretary of State down some stairs after some very leading dialogue just after passing by the security cameras.  Someone would put two and two together.

And Vice Presidents don’t poison their lovers while in coitus.  Granted, I never got the whole Tom Yates thing, but she rode a freakin’ motorcade out there!  She didn’t sneak in to anything!  And why did he trust her with his manuscript for the novel pointing out what poison the Underwoods are?  Don’t people pay attention to things around these people?

So, Frank is resigning.  One more episode of this, and then I can take a much needed break.