December 1, 2021

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Comic Review: Jupiter’s Legacy Book Two

In the first book of Jupiter’s Legacy, siblings Brandon and Chloe, children of a Superman-like superhero, found themselves on opposite sides of a superhuman revolution when their uncle Walter decided he was tired of simply serving and that he could do better running things on his own.

Now in book two, we see whether or not Brandon or Chloe can come out on top.

On one side is Brandon.  He took in with Uncle Walter and most of the world’s superheroes to essentially run the world.  While some of their ideas seem to be somewhat good, they do require either a gentle hand or a firm push.  Walter prefer the gentle hand so long as its his own.  Brandon gets impatient and does things like conquer China after an unrelated terrorist attack goes off literally in his face.

On the other side is Chloe, her non-powered boyfriend Hutch, and their very powerful son Jason.  Hutch’s father is Skyfox, a Batman-like figure with superpowers who became the world’s greatest villain.  Skyfox bears a grudge against Walter, but he did gift his son with a device that appears to work like a magic flashlight.  With the world’s heroes turning into the world’s conquerors, it falls to Chloe and her family to recruit the world’s supervillains that aren’t currently locked up in the Supermax prison to try and save the day.

This is Mark Millar’s work, so you can probably guess that there’ll be some harsh violence, creative uses of superpowers, and more than a little bit of swearing.  He’s good at that if that’s your thing.  Along for the ride is artist Frank Quietly, and he elevates the whole thing.  That said, we do see something that Millar doesn’t always do by showing Chloe and Jason actually reveling not in their powers, but in their secret identities.  Those, they decide, are fun and a way to stay humble while serving the needs of the public.  What else would a superhero need to be?  Nine out of ten simple plans.

On a side note, apparently the next book will be titled Jupiter’s Requiem, and will be out sometime in 2019.

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