April 17, 2024

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Geek Lit: Devil’s Due (Luther Cross Book 1)

A half-demon investigator comes across a mystery pregnancy that looks an awful lot like how he came into the world in this series.

I’m all for trying a new urban fantasy series, and hey, here’s one about a character named Luther Cross from author Percival Constantine.  If nothing else, that is a rather awesome name for a writer in this genre.

Anyhoo, here’s my review for the first book in this series, Devil’s Due.

Luther Cross is a cambion, a half-demon fellow with crimson-colored eyes that does his magic thing to help people in and around the city of Chicago, often for a fee.  He comes across a case involving a young woman named Dakota.  Dakota had been a college student, part of a small all-female Christian campus group, when some fellow she knows only as “the Minister” convinced them to come with him, one of the girls died, and then Dakota herself was taken away and…something happened.  Luther knows.  Dakota is pregnant, and he thinks a demon is the father.

I would have liked to say I really liked this book, but it many ways it was by the numbers for this genre.  Heaven and Hell aren’t what you think?  Check.  Angels aren’t much better than demons?  Check.  Luther is dating a hot vampire woman?  Check.  He has some kooky magical friends?  Check.  He narrates most of the book, which doesn’t quite work when Constantine switches POVs from Luther’s first person to some other third person.  I get why he did it, but it doesn’t work here.  About all that really made Luther stand out is he’s black, and aside from Peter Grant, I haven’t seen too many minority protagonists in this genre so far.  Hopefully Constantine can make something work better here, but for now, I didn’t find anything going on here interesting enough to continue.  Six and a half angel bounty hunters out of ten.