February 29, 2024

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YouTube Selection: CineFix’s 5 Brilliant Moments In Film

Some movies are brilliant. Brilliant movies have brilliant scenes. Let's see what Cinefix has to say about 5 such moments.

I love a good movie.  A good movie can grab your attention and not let go, but have you ever considered what can go into an individual scene that can make a brilliant work brilliant?

Well, CineFix has.

I do enjoy CineFix’s lists, but this one is an unranked list taking apart individual scenes from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon2001: A Space OddessyInglorious BasterdsThe Godfather, and 127 Hours.  Yeah, this is SPOILER-y stuff, and sometimes not for the faint of heart given the films under consideration.  But hey, see what they had to say for yourself.  You might have overlooked some of the fine details that went into these movies.