February 1, 2023

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Simpsons Did It!: “Lisa The Drama Queen”

In which Lisa makes an imaginative new friend.

The band Fall Out Boy does a guest shot in this episode.  That means they play the theme song over the closing credits.  They don’t actually appear on the show.

Let us carry on from here.

Bart and Lisa are being foisted off onto the Springfield Rec Center somewhat against their will.  That means Bart is learning martial arts from the Comic Book Guy (he sucks at it) and Lisa is taking a creatively stifling painting class.  But then Lisa observes a fantastic painting of Josh Grobin as a knight killing a dragon with the teacher’s hairstyle, and as she really likes Josh Grobin (for this episode at least), she defends the young painter and both are tossed out of the class.

The other painter was a girl named Juliet, voiced by guest star Emily Blunt.  She and her family just moved to Springfield.  Her father is an English professor at the local university, and apparently the foremost scholar on John Grisham.  There probably is such a thing in the real world, too.  As it is, Lisa sets up a play date and meets Juliet at her exclusive (and scholarship free) prep school and the two go off and enjoy the folk art museum that Juliet has a membership to.

Yes, Lisa and Juliet are now the best of friends.  Lisa’s never had a best friend before, and Marge is tickled pink with a “woo hoo” of her own.  They even have a totally embarrassing dinner with Juliet’s parents, but there’s a problem.  Juliet and Lisa work together to create a magical fantasy realm called Equalia.  Everyone is equal, but someone has to be in charge of the Queendom (not a Kingdom).  There’s even a Homer-ish ogre.  As the two girls get more and more involved in their fantasy world, Lisa starts slipping at school.

How bad is it that Homer, despite being told repeatedly by Principal Skinner that he is there to talk about Lisa, that Homer keeps thinking he’s there for Bart?

Marge sees a problem and wants Lisa to spend less time with Juliet.  Lisa thinks she can sneak out, but Marge is Bart Simpson’s mother.  She knows all the tricks that don’t involve a hidden door in the base of the tree outside Lisa’s window.  That’s how Bart sneaks out now.

So, Lisa goes back to school and even goes back to Model UN.  But then Juliet shows up and tells Lisa Equalia needs both its queens and they sneak off to an abandoned Clam Restaurant with a medieval theme deep in the woods.  Marge finds out when Martin calls to find Lisa for a needed Model UN vote, and Marge thinks she knows exactly where Lisa went with Juliet.  Unfortunately, Clam-alot is not the only castle-themed building in Springfield.  Double unfortunately that Clam-alot is now the preferred clubhouse of Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney.  After capturing the girls, Jimbo and Dolph head off to get some food, leaving Kearney with the girls.  And then the girls tell Kearney their Equalia stories and makes a fan out of him, such that he will fight the other two when they get back and allow the girls to escape with their manuscript.

Lisa at that point realizes living in the real world is a smarter move.  Juliet won’t hear of it and that’s the end of that friendship.  Also, Lisa got a rejection letter from a publisher for Equalia.  Homer probably will too for his own fantasy novel involving his family mostly turning into food.  Except for Maggie, as she is a monster truck.

You know, we did learn one thing:  Groundskeeper Willie was renamed “Groundskeeper” when he came to the United States through Ellis Island in what looks like the turn of the 20th century.

How old is that Scotsman?!

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