April 24, 2024

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Gravity Falls “Bottomless Pit!”

Season One, Episode Fourteen.

Say, how is it Grunkle Stan claims he doesn’t believe in the weird stuff that happens all over the forest and town, but he also believes his bottomless pit for disposing of unwanted comment sheets is real?

Wait, why should a show this goofy, weird, and delightful make sense?

As it is, this is an anthology episode, and I never know what to write for these as anyone who’s read some of my write-ups for Simpsons Halloween episodes will attest.  Soos, Stan, Dipper, and Mabel go to dump unwanted stuff down the bottomless pit, but then the wind starts blowing and they all fall in.  After screaming for a while and realizing that nothing is happening, the group opts to pass the time telling stories.

Dipper was tired of being mocked for his voice breaking, so he got a potion from Old Man McGucket to fix it, but he accidentally got one for doing commercial voice overs that just caused more problems than it solved.

Soos had to get himself and the twins out of a magical pinball game at the expense of the high score he finally earned.

Stan wanted to tell them something about winning a football game with a robot sidekick, but no one wanted to hear that.

And Mabel had switched Stan’s regular dentures with ones that forced him to always tell the truth.  That seemed like a good idea at first, what with Stan trying to teach a bear to drive and then making up an excuse of a “seeing eye bear” for the cops, but eternally honest Stan was more trouble than the regular kind, so Mabel got the teeth out, locked them in a trunk, and then tossed the trunk into the bottomless pit, which we saw her do before the episode started.

Fortunately, after a while, everyone was tossed out of the top of the pit without any time passing, so Stan falling in again was no big deal.  But I did learn something today:

Soos’ best day prior to beating the pinball high score involved finding a slice of pizza in his VCR.