March 2, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Dangerous Curves”

In which multiple timelines play out in the course of Homer and Marge's life and various trips to some vacation cabins.

You know something?  This episode…well, this episode was ambitious, to say the least.

The very least.

Here’s the thing:  episodes about Homer and Marge having marital problems are old hat by now.  We the audience know they aren’t splitting up.  Quite frankly, aside from some stuff with Bart and Lisa in a pedal car bickering like an old married couple, there wasn’t much to say about this episode aside from the fact that it is incredibly ambitious to do multiple timelines.

First off, there’s the present as Homer and Marge take their family to the vacation cabins where allegedly good times occurred.

Then there’s a time twenty years earlier when they were bike riding out that way as unmarried teens.  They met the honeymooning Ned and Maude Flanders and were taken to stay in the cabin the two of them were sharing, but this is Ned Flanders, and you know he won’t let the two of them do anything that seems like unChristian-like fun.  At least we see why Homer hates Flanders so much in retrospect, even if it means Ned forgot all about these two kids before Homer and Marge moved into the house way back in “Lisa’s First Word”.

Finally, there’s a trip to five years in the past where Homer and Marge get lost, crash an upscale party, and both nearly cheat on each other before hiding the evidence from each other.  Their respective paramours actually marry each other, so that’s kinda sweet, but Homer learning Marge is no better than him and since she was supposed to be and that makes things worse…

Actually, like I said, marital problems are old hat by now, and this episode just didn’t work for me as something I can find funny.  Really, this one was too clever for its own good.

Still always nice to see Maude Flanders again.