April 18, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Treehouse Of Horror XIX”

In which we do the Halloween thing for the nineteenth time in twenty seasons.

Man, it’s another Halloween show, and I feel like I have less to say than usual.

I mean, they start off with a Transformers parody, because when we think of Halloween and horror, we think of anything to do with Michael Bay.  Bart buys Lisa a toy car that turns out to be an alien robot that wakes up other alien robots and they start punching each other until Marge asks them why they’re fighting.  They can’t remember, so they decide to work together to conquer the Earth.

Why did Homer teach them about foosball?  That means they have people set up in a giant foosball table, and that’s not good for anybody.

Next there’s a sweet remake of the Mad Men opening credits.  When Homer accidentally kills Krusty outside a day care center that has a woodchipper nearby for some reason, he’s recruited by some advertisers to kill some celebrities because then the dead celebrities won’t be able to protect their own images for the sake of putting a dead star in an ad for a real product.  Homer manages to take out George Clooney, Prince, and Neil Armstrong, and that’s depressing because two-thirds of those people have died since this episode first aired.  But it turns out that the famous folk in Celebrity Heaven can come down to kick ass when they get outraged enough, but Homer was killed and managed to get back to Heaven before the dead celebrities did and locked them out.  All he has for company is what looks like a gay Lincoln.

And then there’s something that parodies It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and yes, Bart is Charlie Brown.  Sort of.  It seems Milhouse believes in the Grand Pumpkin, and he believes hard enough to bring the thing to life, but seeing what’s done to pumpkins drives it nuts.  The only thing to do is have Lisa trick Milhouse into believing in Tom Turkey to stop the Grand Pumpkin since it ate Homer, Groundskeeper Willie, and Nelson, though since the Grand Pumpkin’s head was just a hollow pumpkin, they were fine.  But then Tom Turkey learns what people eat for Thanksgiving and starts eating kids from the looks of things.  Maybe they got Kang and Kodos, too.  They were at that Halloween party for some reason…

Yeah, I think that’s enough for now.