October 7, 2022

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Gravity Falls “Boss Mabel”

Season One, Episode Thirteen.

Grunkle Stan is a cheap old con man, and the Mystery Shack would be a lot happier if a more cheerful or polite person that listened to suggestions were to run the place.

That’s the theory anyway.

Yes, Stan is cheating out tourists with cheap fakes as always, but things come to a head when Mabel, manning the cash register, just gives a bumper sticker away.  Stan sees red, or at least a lack of green, and Mabel’s sticker-prone suggestions of saying things like “please” and “thank you” don’t get through to the old skinflint since the word “please” never made anybody any money ever as far as he can tell.

Mabel really loses it when Stan has her, Dipper, Soos, and Wendy painting the Shack’s sign with bright glitter paint, known to attract tourists and large birds.  Soos relates how he had an idea for a mascot, Questy the human question mark who can answer questions, and Stan told Soos that Soos couldn’t handle it.  Outraged at the stifled creativity, Mable heads down to tell Stan off, dispensing more stickers, and ultimately the two make a wager that Stan can make more money on vacation than Mabel can running the Shack.  The stakes?  If Stan wins, Mabel wears a handmade “loser” t-shirt all summer, and if Mabel wins, she runs the Shack for the summer and Stan does an apology dance of her own design.

So, Stan leaves to take a vacation.  Where does he go?  Looks like L.A. to appear on a game show called Cash Wheel, and since horrible attention hogs always get on TV, he gets on TV.

So, Mabel gets herself a jacket with shoulder pads as suggested by the business management book she found under some furniture.  Said book was from 1983, so, maybe the ideas are still good even if the fashion isn’t.  Can Wendy have some friends over at the Shack while she works?  Sure!  What about Soos’ mascot idea?  Mabel has the costume ready for him.  Does Dipper have to dress up in an itchy wolf boy costume again?  Nope!  He can go out into the woods and bring back a real monster.  Why Stan has a morningstar flail on the wall for such things I am not sure since I don’t think Stan believes in the monsters of this weird town.

So, Mabel’s new, more cheerful management style seems to be starting off well, with Waddles as her secretary.  How are things going?  Well, Wendy’s friends wreck the place, Soos is standing around cold and almost naked in the question mark outfit, and Dipper brought back a gremoblin, half gremlin and half goblin.

Pro tip:  don’t look it in the eye as it will show you your worst nightmare.  That can cause insanity.

But then the thing gets loose because Mabel left a key in its cage for its five minute break.  It’s an employee!  Plus, Stan is winning record amounts of money on that show.  What to do about a rampaging monster?

Er, show it a mirror, let it look into its own eyes, and freak it out when it think it’s becoming its own father.

Then Mabel can flip out on Wendy and Soos to get the place cleaned up before Stan comes home.  Sadly, the profits for Mabel’s venture is a whole dollar after repairs and such.

But she wins the bet anyway because Stan couldn’t figure out the word in the last puzzle despite numerous obvious hints.  It seems you can make money off the word “please”.  So, Mabel wins, but she hated what she became to be the boss and gladly lets Stan be the manager of the Mystery Shack.  Heck, so does everyone else.

But that apology dance?  Oh you better believe that’s still on…

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