June 8, 2023

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House Of Cards “Chapter Sixty-Two”

Season Five, Episode Ten.

Ugh.  I’m not sure I really care anymore.

At some point, House of Cards lost me.  I lost my suspension of disbelief.  I lost what little I cared what happened to different characters.  I lost, well, whatever it was that gripped me about House of Cards in the early going.  It’s almost always been a faintly ridiculous show, but now it’s no longer “faintly” as opposed to “obviously”.

As such, I find myself paying far less attention and wondering why I should care.  Hacker guy was in Russia, now he isn’t, now he’s dead.  Jane Addams seems to be pulling strings all over the dang place as if her middle name was “Deep State”.  That bearded Congressman is obviously not a real adversary.  The Underwoods have proven too lucky and too competent (mostly lucky) to let some blatant weasel get one over on them.

Jackie Sharp is set to testify against Frank unless she takes the 5th?  She did?  Did she even appear in this episode?  I might have missed her.

Walker has some balls at least.  His plans were scuttled by Frank, and he has no problem saying so on the floor of Congress.  But if Walker was a real threat to Frank and Claire, he would have been one much, much sooner.  Doug may be his own worst enemy at this point, but Hammerschmidt’s effort took too long dramatically speaking for him to be effective.  And there’s something going on in Syria.

If anything, Frank has already fallen back on the bad habits of taking Claire for granted when he tells her she’s only supposed to advise.  He’s going to regret that one, I can tell.

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