February 26, 2024

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Comic Review: DC Rebirth Action Comics Volume 2

Superman returns to Metropolis, wondering why there's another Clark Kent running around, and Lois Lane goes back to work in this transitional trade.

Reviewing the first volume of the DC Rebirth version of Action Comics, I suspected that writer Dan Jurgens was setting up something bigger than what I’d seen so far.

That feeling continues with the second volume, subtitled Welcome to the Planet.

Coming in at a short four issues (plus a Lex Luthor-featured prologue), this set seemed to be more a set-up for future stories and not much happened at all. We saw before some fellow running around claiming to be Clark Kent but most assuredly not Superman, and the first half of the trade covers that character as he and Superman meet.  Superman thinks there’s something weird with the fact that, well, there’s another Clark Kent who is decidedly human and has no superpowers whatsoever.  The second half deals with Lois Lane’s resolving to go back to work at the Daily Planet, made more complicated by the fact that she isn’t the Lois Lane native to this world.  She’s a little older, and there’s a lot about the New 52 version of her old workplace she doesn’t recognize.  That her other self from this universe died and no one knows it aside from Lana “Superwoman” Lang makes that somewhat easy as it is.

And that’s it, really.  Jurgens has set up something next involving some armored men, aliens from the looks of things, gunning for a murderer represented by the S-shield over what looks like Apokalips.  Somehow, I doubt that’s Superman, but Luthor has taken to wearing that symbol lately…

In the meantime, seven out of ten requests for ice cream from Jon Kent.