January 21, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “All About Lisa”

In which Lisa catches the fame bug.

Why is it, whenever The Simpsons does a parody of an older movie with Lisa at the center, it’s for some movie I haven’t seen?

Heck, this time it isn’t even a musical!

Our story opens with Lisa winning the Entertainer of the Year award, an award so prestigious, it even won an award for being an awesome award.  How did Lisa get there?  Well, our narrator is Sideshow Mel, and he will tell the story of how Lisa went from unknown to superstar, and there’s some coin collector stuff along the way.

It seems Krusty was hosting a special 4,000th episode extravaganza, once again making me wonder how old Krusty is anyway.  Guest star Drew Carey is there to roast the hack clown that stole some of Carey’s own material, and there’s a partial reunion of the original Krustcateers.  You know, the ones that didn’t have huge careers of their own when they grew up, though the one that went to prison for Krusty is still there.  As it is, Krusty announces he’ll be hiring a new (unpaid) Krustcateer very soon, and every kid in Springfield that isn’t Lisa is excited.

As it is, Bart does phenomenally at his audition, but Krusty picks Nelson because Nelson’s mom had sex with him before the audition.  Or during.  I’m not sure.  The timing is suspect.

Point is, with a heartbroken Bart, Lisa goes up to berate Krusty and even points out Bart could be an unpaid intern, like everybody who works at The Discovery Channel.  Krusty likes the idea, but hires Lisa instead, thus starting Lisa’s trip into All About Eve territory.  See, working for Krusty is a nightmare until Sideshow Mel gives Lisa some pointers, and then things get better for Lisa as Krusty starts to treat her well, particularly after he fires Nelson for imagined slights.

Lisa’s actually enjoying her basic job of making Krusty look good, but Bart is miserable since Krusty was his hero.  He and Homer take all of Bart’s Krusty swag down to trade it for something good from the Comic Book Guy and get a coin collector book, explaining Mel’s comment about coin collecting, but not why Plopper the Pig was also up for Entertainer of the Year.  There’s some stuff in there where the Simpson men scrounge for coins wherever they can like fake tollbooths and at the bottom of that angry leprechaun’s wishing well.  They just need a rare “kissing Lincoln” penny and though they lose badly to Mr. Burns at an auction, Homer gets the penny when he tricks Mr. Burns into giving him change for a nickel.  Sure, Burns thought giving Homer four cents was cheating his oafish employee, but that only works if you don’t hand out the incredibly valuable rare coin.

That’s…actually rather smart of Homer.

But as for Lisa, since Lisa is the main focus here, she jumps in for Mr. Teeny one day when the chimp is stuck in traffic and gets a lot of laughs.  Soon, she’s not telling Krusty about rehearsals and gets Krusty’s show for herself.  Krusty is limited to a late night talk show where his guest is local bully Jimbo Jones.  Lisa, high on fame, wins the award, but then Mel steps in and shows Lisa the past winners, talented people who were just forgotten about.  They include Mel himself, once a promising actor before he took up the bone in his hair.  Lisa realizes she doesn’t want that, and then goes out and sets up Krusty for a standard Krusty routine that puts him back on top and let’s Lisa slip off into happy obscurity with her family.  Sure, Mel is playing fire hydrant to Krusty in a dog suit, but…there’s no good way to end that sentence.

But that does seem to be a good way to end Season 19.  I really need to see All About Eve.

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