July 22, 2024

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House Of Cards “Chapter Sixty-One”

Season Five, Episode Nine.

If there was a surprise in who won the House of Cards election, it was how the show pulled it off.

Yes, sometime between episodes, Frank won the election in Ohio, giving him at least an Electoral College victory.  That means a concession call from Conway, Usher going to work for Frank, Conway turning down an insulting consolation cabinet position as the insult it was almost certainly meant to be, and…that’s that.  What was Conway’s dark secret?  Well, looks like we’ll never know.

Much of what happens here looks like table setting for a show where realistic political activity is a quaint notion at best.  Frank has an inauguration, Claire at his side as wife and VP, and he stops mid-oath to give a speech that, gee, seems a bit on the nose about how, hey, can you believe people voted for him?  Now he’s in charge, so you better believe it.

Say, how long was Frank VP anyway if he can run again in another four years?  The Constitution says he can only do that if he served as acting president for less than two years.

But he’s there.  He and Claire both basically bring dates to the inaugural ball.  Frank has something…dark going with that Civil War reenacter.  Some liberal Congressman is looking to cause trouble, but I never put much stock into these guys so I barely bother to learn most of their names at this point.  Like hacker dude.  What’s his name?  I don’t know.  He’s in Russia, probably being held somewhere.  LeAnn is out, for now, and Hammerschmidt, well, he’s still there.

I never know what to say about House of Cards anymore.  It’s just so silly, and it acts like it isn’t.