September 27, 2022

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Podcast Reaction: Jimmy Doesn’t Know Edition

Let's talk Game of Thrones, a show Jimmy hasn't seen yet. Poor Jimmy...

This week on the podcast, I felt bad for Jimmy.

Jimmy has never seen Game of Thrones and can’t listen to hear Jenny celebrate her come-from-behind victory involving things you just don’t come back from.

How Watson’s ideal date ends. Yes, even with the dragon.

So, everyone else (well, Greg is unknown at this typing) here at Gabbing Geek (except, again, maybe Greg) saw Game of Thrones last night, and my inner geek went all a-tingly as we learned Ryan, the Westerosi geography expert, didn’t know where Dorne was.  Good thing it’s not a real place.  Watson, meanwhile, doesn’t know the difference between a wight and a White Walker, but Watson needs to restore his geek cred sometimes anyway.  Jenny actually won the deadpool for a season of remarkably little death for name characters.

Wrong Deadpool

She also managed the line of the night for those blessed enough to see the episode with her or discover someone taped a reaction they could only guess she was going to have.

You know what was weird?  Watson was defending the characters entering the Dragonpit and talking amongst themselves while Jenny expressed derision for it.  Characters just chatting with each other was Watson’s primary complaint about the previous episode, and I think Jenny defended it.  Have they not seen this show has characters interact in various ways before?

And hey, I feel at least a little vindicated since my pre-show prediction was for Jaime to kill Cersei.  That didn’t happen, but he did abandon her, so I think I should give myself a pat on the back for that at least.

But we here at Gabbing Geek have a problem:  poor Jimmy has never seen this show.  As Jimmy is my primary source for likes for my articles, he’ll never see these words.  I can’t make a proposal to help poor Jimmy if he doesn’t see it.  Well, I can, but it would be a waste of time.  In the meantime, the White Walkers have proven you really can come back from a throat cut.

Those guys cheat.

And Jimmy doesn’t know…

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