May 27, 2024

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Game Of Thrones: The Geek’s Final Predictions

The season seven finale is upon us. What will happen in this nearly 80 minute episode? We don't know, but we made some predictions all the same based on our analysis of the show, personal levels of knowledge, and general intuition. Who will be right and who will be wrong?

It’s been a quick, largely satisfying season seven of Game of Thrones.  True, in the grand scheme of things, we here at Gabbing Geek suck at predicting things as seen by the current results of our Death Draft.

But that never stopped Geeks from speculating.  Arguably, that’s what Geeks do best anyway.  What did we see as our final calls?  Let’s take a look as we answer some Watson-created questions…

Tom’s Predictions

Biggest death? Littlefinger. The same aforementioned co-worker also said that the last Arya-Sansa conversation made no sense from Arya’s perspective. Why threaten Sansa and then do nothing? What was Arya’s goal if she’s trying to scare her sister? It didn’t make any sense. But then I found that theory floating around the Internet that pointed out Arya is playing the Game of Faces, which is about telling convincing lies. She was there when her father died. She had to know Sansa was freaking out and screaming. She also did serve a Lanister when she was Tywin’s cupbearer. And she has never had any interest in wearing pretty dresses and being the Lady of Winterfell. Plus, she handed the dagger to Sansa, hilt-first. The whole thing was an act to get to Littlefinger, possibly with a little knowledge from Bran (someone pointed out you can hear crows in the background of every Littlefinger scene, so Bran could be watching). The only real question is: how much is Sansa in on this?

This creeper needs to die!

Boldest prediction: I’m not sure this will happen, but I did think before the season started that one of the Lannister twins would be dying this year. I picked Jamie for the pool, figured he would be too reluctant to repeat his work with the Mad King to kill Cersei and she was destined to die in the final season. Now I’m not so sure, but I do think Jamie will be the one to put his sister down. Maggy the Frog’s prophecy (from the novels) said Cersei would die at the hands of the “valonqar” or “little brother,” which could suggest Tyrion, but I think not at this stage. It is worth noting that Cersei meeting this woman is the only actual flashback the series has ever done. Bran’s visions don’t quite count since he is seeing them from the present. So, given this is Cersei, I think she tries to pull a trap of some kind on Dany and Jon only to have Jamie, seeing the corpse, seeing what his sister has become, finally kill her and put her out of her insane misery.

Final scene: The Wall is, if not at least breached, then at least passed by the Army of the Dead. Whether the entire Wall collapses or just a section of it, that’s up for debate.

What I am geeking on: What exactly did the Night King do to Viserion? I expect this one will be answered. We saw at Hardhome that the Night King does not have to lay a finger on a corpse to resurrect it. He could have just woke the dragon up from the bottom of the lake. However, he does need to touch something to turn it into a White Walker as seen with that infant. So, the dragon may not be a rotting wight like most of the Army of the Dead, but instead a reptilian White Walker. That would make it much tougher to deal with, theoretically, unless someone went all Bard on the thing and hit it with a dragonglass-tipped arrow, sending this monster the route of Smaug.

The Night King seen here resurrecting things without touching them.

A stray thought:  Cersei is at least claiming to be pregnant.  Dany can’t have children.  Tyrion reminded us Dany needs an heir.  Does Dany offer to make Cersei’s unborn child the heir to the Iron Throne?

Methinks that won’t be a good enough offer for Cersei anyway…


Watson’s Predictions


Biggest death? This season’s death pool has been tame as the creators have played it safe. Several major battles and not a single above the line player has bit it. When a septuagenarian is the most significant death of a season of Game of Thrones, you know you have to finish big! That’s why I’m still banking on Cersei. The plot leads us to believe that an alliance is at hand, but that’s a headfake. I’m guessing everyone else agrees but Cersei’s hubris kicks in and she overplays her hand…and it costs her.

Sounds more likely than anyone wanting to hear the Sand Snake story.

Boldest prediction: I’m going out in left field here. Predicting something NO ONE else predicted. So, we think Jon and Dany are a pair at the end. Maybe the Night King needs a Night Queen. Maybe, just maybe, that is the reanimated corpse of Cersei Lannister.

Final scene: I agree with Tom that it is related to the Wall. I actually think some form of magic makes the whole thing collapse. But because Tom took the best choice, let me offer an alternate answer:

Watson also drinks and knows things. Not necessarily in that order.

What I’m geeking on: I am wondering is whether or how the R+L=J reveal will occur. I definitely think Jon and Dany marry toward the end of the episode. Seems to set up the dynasty required to unite against the Night King. I’m actually hoping they get married and then, at the wedding party after the pair go off to consummate, Bran causally mentions the fact that they are aunt and nephew to the partygoers. Totally creepy style.

That could be a problem.  That could be creepier than Littlefinger.

Ryan’s Predictions

Bryan Cranston was not consulted for this article.

Biggest Death: Physically, it’ll be The Mountain. The show went out of its way to remind us of The Mountain earlier in the season and then did nothing with him. Now that we know we’re heading to King’s Landing (quick geography lesson!) with Dany and the Wight Catchers (great band name) I think it’s time for The Hound to leave the last of his old life behind by killing his undead brother.

It’s funny because Ryan answered it literally.

Strategically, it’s Littlefinger. Nobody else’s story is really done. Littlefinger has long outlived his usefulness–now he’s just there to get the Stark sisters to fight. That’s not really advancing any plots, it’s just treading water for him. Time for him to go under. I really thought Jaime would be done this season but when they chickened out at the first Dragon battle then obviously they have more in store for him (and his unborn child). And I still think Yara is going to die but she’s been gone so long it’s like she’s dead already.

Nobody cares about Theon.

Boldest Prediction: We’ve already seen the groundwork for this, but Sam is going to realize what Gilly read and that Jon Snow is the rightful King. Remember, Sam is who got Jon elected Lord Commander, and now he’s the head of a major house, so I think we’ll see the start of his campaign in the season finale.

Final scene: Yeah, it’s the wall coming down from the Wight Dragon. And then the Night King slowly steps between the blocks, his foot gingerly touching the ground south of the wall as his army streams past him. Close on the Night King’s blue eyes as it fades into Bran’s white eyes and Bran says “It’s war.”

That would be the one-two punch we all need to get excited for next year!

Jenny’s Predictions

Jenny, sadly, did not have time to make any predictions.  Ryan says that simply means she has accepted that Ryan was right and Brienne of Tarth was doomed.

Poor Tormund…

Who will be right?  Well, nobody if the Wall stays up from the looks of thing.