May 20, 2024

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House Of Cards “Chapter Sixty”

Season Five, Episode Eight.

OK, something about this episode makes no sense.

Wait, this is House of Cards…whole plot lines make no sense on a routine basis.

So, we have two things happening at the same time.  Claire, as acting president, needs to deal with a sinking Russian research vessel but Petrov keeps saying no while doing that weird flirty thing with her.  He won’t let her pull off a rescue that might look good just before an election.  She negotiates to do something with China instead.  That Jane Davis woman continues to know things in a way that an Undersecretary of anything probably shouldn’t…it was ridiculous, and there may or may not have been an American on that ship.

Frank, meanwhile, is attending a rich guy’s retreat which is an awful lot like the real world Bohemian Grove.  Rich men go to not talk business or politics.  But Frank is between presidencies so he’s allowed to go.  Hey, there’s Raymond Tusk!  And Mark Usher!  And the guy who founded that Not-Google!  And Conway’s running mate!  No, Conway though.  Can Frank win these guys over to gain an advantage in Ohio?

What do you think?  He points out some folksy wisdom into Not-Google-Guy’s immortality project that Tusk was all into about how being downloaded onto the cloud is kinda dumb.

You know what, I agree.  That is kinda dumb.

Point is, by basically breaking the guy’s big project in front of the other men, that guy gets good and drunk and donates to Frank the audio of Conway losing it on that plane despite Conway being his good friend.

Also, the Underwoods then get Conway’s campaign manager, Usher, to defect.

I really don’t think it works that way.

Oh, and there’s something going on with Tom Yates and another woman, but I don’t care about that.