June 22, 2024

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Comic Review: Unity Volume 1

Valiant's Avengers assemble!

Valiant’s longest running series of its current incarnation, indeed the only one book not to be canceled and restarted, is X-O Manowar.  It was also the first.

Aric of Dacia has been on a superteam as well, the Valiant version of the Justice League/Avengers all-star team situation.  Valiant’s version is called Unity, and for the first volume of that book, the team was assembled to bring down Aric in a volume subtitled To Kill a King.

In the last volume of his solo series that I read, Aric returned from space with descendants of his Visigoth people and settled in their ancestral homeland.  That would be in modern-day Romania, and he basically took the place over with his powerful alien armor.  Armed intervention by the Russian military was a disaster, but the volume ended with the promise of superhuman intervention.  Toyo Harada, the most powerful psiot on the planet (aside from maybe Peter Stanchek), put a team together that he called “Unity” to capture Aric.  That team was made up of members of his Harbinger Foundation, and they lasted about five seconds.

He’d also brought together Ninjak for some infiltration work, and Gilad the Eternal Warrior for some strategic advice.  Both those men had faced Aric in the past.  Ninjak had fought him to a draw, while Gilad was roughly manhandled once Aric summoned the armor.  Rounding out the group is another psiot going by the codename Livewire, whose psychic power is communication with technology.

Now, I’ve seen Unity in past books and Harada was never a member, but Aric was, so I knew a little on how this would turn out.  Harada is also a bit of a shifty character with as-yet unknown plans to make the world a better place, though he doesn’t much care how many eggs he has to break in order to do that, hence the reason he and Livewire had a falling out of sorts.  Harada comes across like a Professor X character but may be more of a Magneto, and writer Matt Kindt never lets the reader forget that.

That said, I felt like there were scenes missing here, possibly because they were happing in Aric’s solo book at the time.  The four issues here seem to go by rather quickly, which is a common complaint of mine for a Valiant trade, but this time that also meant I felt like I wasn’t getting the whole story.  That rather sucked.  What was here was fine.  I just wondered where the rest of it was.  Eight out of ten crusading food bloggers.

By the way, “Unity” is still a fairly terrible name for a superhero team.