March 26, 2023

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Gravity Falls “Fight Fighters”

Season One, Episode Ten.

Mabel Pines takes it upon herself this episode to cure Grunkle Stan of his fear of heights.  She is successful, but gives herself that fear instead.  And Waddles was of no help.

On the other hand, Dipper may have to fight over Wendy.  Like, literally.

So, the family goes to Soos’ favorite place in the world, the arcade.  And Dipper may be impressing Wendy over a fighting game, but then Robbie comes along and takes Dipper’s game.

Robbie sucks.

Now, it turns out Wendy is going camping with her manly and muscular family, but does Robbie realize that?  Well, he doesn’t really listen.  Why does he serenade Wendy from outside the Mystery Shack?  I mean, sure, that stops Mabel from winning a card game of some kind without knowing what card game she was even playing, but not only is that not Wendy’s home, but she wasn’t even there.  Dipper goes out to tell him off, and before he knows it, Robbie is challenging him to a fight because Robbie at least sees Dipper is crushin’ on his girl.

Will Dipper show for the fight?  He isn’t exactly a fighter.  Soos tries taking him back to the arcade for inspiration.  At the fighting game, Dipper finds some kind of Komani code sorta thing for an ultimate mode, and it works!  Boy does it!  Dipper brings one Rumble McSkirmish to life.

Actually, Rumble McSkirmish is rather awesome.  Clearly based on something out of Street Fighter, he looks, moves, and talks like a character from an old fighting game.  Video game sound effects and images follow him.  And Dipper, well, Dipper has the guy as a body guard.  Sure, he has to tell Rumble that Robbie killed Papa Pines, but Rumble believes it and is off to fight Robbie.

And, well, all Dipper wanted was to scare Robbie.  That whole “you killed my friend’s father” thing means it’s more like Rumble will kill Robbie.  Or at least hurt him pretty bad.  Dipper’s not even in good enough shape to keep pace with the two running away from him.  It’s a good thing Soos comes along, as he is an amiable guy with a pick-up truck.  And then Dipper catches up and tells Rumble the truth:  Robbie didn’t kill anybody.

Now Rumble McSkirmish wants to fight Dipper.  Dipper can’t fight.  He gets in a single good hit and Rumble’s health meter goes down .05%.  Ouch!

Actually, the ouch probably goes to Dipper, who gets quite the beating.  Then he realizes something and lets Rumble get the KO.  That means game over and Rumble goes back to his video game.

And then Dipper will stand up to Robbie and find out Robbie didn’t want to fight him, just scare him off.  The two call a truce to hate each other without saying anything.

That’s a good thing.  Wendy, it turns out, hates it when men fight over women.

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