June 12, 2024

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Talking ‘Bout My Generations: The Strongest

Marvel's next "event" starts today with this Incredible vs Totally Awesome Hulk issue.

From what I can gather, something occurs towards the end of Secret Empire that allows these Generations issues to occur “in continuity”.  Which is really not much of a surprise given the way the series has been written, with Cosmic Cubes at play, and solicits for future comics already pretty much confirming that Marvel Legacy is just a return to normal after Secret Empire.

Whatever the cause, Marvel’s series of one shots will allow us to see many of their legacy characters on some sort of adventure with their predecessor.  In most cases, this will have to involve time travel of some kind…though I wonder how they’ll handle the Spider-Man issue, as both Peter and Miles are current residents of the Marvel Universe.

Let’s take a look at the first of these issues featuring the Bruce Banner Hulk and Totally Awesome Hulk Amadeus Cho.  Spoilers from here on out for Generations: The Strongest.

The credits page sets the stage for this story occurring at “The Vanishing Point”.  A place “loosed from the shackles of past, present, future – a place where time has no meaning!”  Well, that covers the time travel aspect.  And for those reading Secret Empire, you have to wonder if The Vanishing Point is the alternate reality featured in that series, but it doesn’t read that way here.

This issue’s story is actually pretty simplistic.  Amadeus Cho finds himself transported to Death Valley from DC with no idea how.  He suddenly finds himself in the middle of a classic Banner Hulk versus Thunderbolt Ross and the army throw down.  There’s a lot of Hulk’s smashing (the army and each other), some heart to hearts between Banner and Amadeus, and when a lesson is learned, Cho simply transports away again.

And that’s it.  No big revelations about Vanishing Point.  No resurrection of the Banner Hulk into current continuity.  Just a “you better be careful, the Hulk cannot be controlled Amadeus” word of warning from Banner, which seems to set things in motion for Totally Awesome Hulk moving forward.  Or, more accurately, Amadeus’ title morphs into the Incredible Hulk  as is conveniently teased by the final house ad for “Return To Planet Hulk”.  (I’m actually looking forward to that.  It’s one of the few Marvel Legacy announcements that intrigue me, as like this issue it is written by Greg Pak who brought us the excellent original Planet Hulk.)

If all these issues are simply going to be “new character learns a lesson from the old character”, than these books are going to be pretty lame.  Much like the rest of Marvel Legacy if the crash and burn of their hype machine is to be believed.

That said, this issue is pretty good, if you like Hulk’s fighting and smashing stuff, even if it seems to offer little to no insight into the future of Marvel.  And seeing these two Hulks side by side is good fun, that may not happen again outside these 30 plus pages.  (Who am I kidding?  These are comics.  Of course this will happen again.  Perhaps sooner than later…)