July 13, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “24 Minutes”

In which the threat of smelly terrorism hangs like a shadow over Springfield.

Hey, look!  Keifer Sutherland’s back!  And he brought Mary Lynn Rajskub with him as they play Simpsonized versions of their 24 characters.

It’s actually a well-done 24 parody involving all the Simpsons who aren’t Maggie.

Really, this is a marvelously well-done parody.  The credits, the theme music, the shared screens, the countdown clock, Keifer doing his usual 24 intro, it all works as a parody.  Even the font of the show credits are done in the 24 style.

Really, this is a great parody.

The plot has Principal Skinner working with the CTU (Counter Truancy Unit) to bring down problems.  Lisa mans the computers and runs the office, Bart is an agent who’s working for immunity and to learn a new swear word, and Homer is sent to dispose of some bad yogurt he kept in the company fridge while Marge acts desperately to finish a cake for the annual bake sale in under 27 minutes.

As it is, Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney find Homer’s yogurt and mix it into a powerful stink bomb, dropping Homer and Milhouse in a rolling dumpster, and they have a mole in the form of Martin.  Bart accidentally gets Jack Bauer on the line and prank calls him.  The bake sale can’t be canceled without Superintendent Chalmers finding out why.  Marge’s cake is a disaster of epic proportions that not even pink frosting can save.

But in the end, Bart and Lisa defuse the bomb and nothing stinks.

Then Jack Bauer comes in with every CTU (the other) agent he can find to get back at Bart, but then a mushroom cloud goes up in the background.

It’s OK, though.  It was only Shelbyville.

Nothing stinks there either, unless nuclear fallout stinks.  I’m inclined to think bad smells are the least of your concerns if that happens.