February 26, 2024

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Podcast Reaction: Look At Them Trailers Edition

The Gabbing Geek are talking about fancy commercials!

This week on the podcast, Jenny and the guys got together to discuss Comic Con and the trailers that came out of it.

No one here posted those things yet, so let’s talk about ’em.

But really, just remember:  these are commercials.  We are talking commercials.

Unless you’re Watson.  He has a special feeling for trailers.  Just not the kind you think.

Watson’s ideal trailer.

But that isn’t the sort of trailer we’re talking about here.  Let’s look at some of them.

First, here’s Justice League because why not?


OK, so, Ryan for one was a little surprised that this looked…better?  Decent?  Not awful?  Something that will disappoint him more in execution?  Yeah, that’s it.  Well, Zach Snyder can put together good images; it’s scenes where he’s got problems.  As such, yeah, he should be able to do a good trailer.  Cyborg does look a little rough, but maybe the special effects aren’t done yet.  That happens.  Plus there does seem to be some effort to make Aquaman interesting, which could be a challenge in the eyes of some.  At least he looks like he’s enjoying himself.

Oh, and that Wonder Woman scene Watson was getting into…some of that was in earlier trailers (the leg sweep in particular), plus given reshoots have just started, there’s little chance that any of this footage came from that.

OK, let’s look at Thor: Ragnarok…


You know what the worst thing about what looks like an awesome Thor movie is?  That it came with what is probably the last one.  Director Taika Waititi (don’t be too impressed…I looked up the spelling) finally gave the Thor films a unique look.  Thor’s solo adventures were fine and all, but easily the most generic of the MCU.  But then Marvel hired a cool, talented guy to do his thing, and if he’d be around sooner…

Though he also said the Hulk talking is supposed to be a sign of Banner’s intelligence poking through the Hulk, so that speculation on the podcast was correct.  Of course, he also said the Hulk might be poking through on Banner…

Let’s look at Stranger Things now…


Hey, Ryan, Jenny, you know a surefire way to turn me off on this sort of stuff?  Talk about nothing but how cool the 80s references were.  If Stranger Things were nothing but 80s references, I would not have liked it much at all.  In fact, keep that in mind when I jump to the next trailer.

Now, the kids making 80s references works just fine.  They’re kids.  That’s what they know.  And they should be “in the moment”.  But it can be subtle, too. The Americans is set in the 80s, but the references that aren’t political are often background details, like one of the kids having Star Wars sheets.

By the by, funny the talk on trailers ruining everything, because that was how I felt watching Atomic Blonde yesterday.  Review for that on Monday.

OK, so, as promised, let’s look at the 80s references that are Ready Player One.



So, Ryan and Jenny didn’t care for this.  Watson liked it, which is weird given the prominence of that motorcycle from Akira.  Now, I do suppose every generation gets its Who Framed Roger Rabbit where, for the Baby Boomers, that was Forest Gump, so here we are again.  This looks very…busy and crowded.  The car chase doesn’t seem to match up to anything from the novel.  Then again, do I want so see some jackass replace Graham Chapman in Monty Python and the Holy Grail?  No.  No, I do not.  I also don’t want to see some forgettable cypher protagonist play an old arcade game next to a skeleton king.  That’s ridiculous.  My guess is the race stuff replaces stuff that would have been boring to watch.

By the by, yes, I do think protagonist Wade Watts is a forgettable cypher.  It doesn’t help that when the book fans on the podcast talk about how great the book is, they somehow never mention Wade by name or discuss his personality.

Now, I didn’t hate Ready Player One.  It was fine.  I just didn’t love it as much as everyone else seemed to.

Oh, here’s the Thug Notes take on the book:


And that was all they talked about this week.  They, like, missed some trailers.  Let’s just toss off a couple worth mentioning.

Like The Defenders.


If this is more like, say, season one of Daredevil and nothing like, say, Iron Fist, that could be awesome.

There’s some sort of Wrinkle in Time movie coming.


I should probably read that sometime, especially now that’s unofficially in Oprah’s Book Club.

Hey, HBO got something together for Westworld, and they only just started filming that one.


Ed Harris is scary.

Say, the Arrowverse has a bunch of new stuff coming in the fall.  Let’s just toss one out for now.


Raise your hand if you believe Barry Allen isn’t coming back.



That’s what I thought.

Oh, here’s one for Jenny:


Will we here at Gabbing Geek see most if not all of these things?

What do you think?  Of course we will.