April 14, 2024

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Gravity Falls “Double Dipper”

Season One, Episode Seven.

Dipper is deeply smitten with Wendy.

Too bad he can’t be in too many places at once.  Or can he…?

Grunkle Stan has a new money-making idea.  Kids and teens don’t come out to the Mystery Shack, so why not throw a party where the flier says kids and teens can enter for “free?”  Yes, that includes the question mark.  Stan wants copies made and he just got his old photocopier fixed.  Off Dipper and Mabel go to make the copies.  But the machine looks wrong.  And when Dipper accidentally copies his arm, the arm comes to life off the paper.  It dissolves in water, but that’s besides the point.  That’s creepy.

However, when Wendy is put on ticket duty, Dipper volunteers to stay with her, and then he comes out with the list of steps he needs to take to win Wendy over.  Mabel thinks the list sucks, and he should just try talking to her like a real person.  That may or may not be step 11 of 20 or so.

But when Wendy ditches the ticket booth, what can Dipper do?  He can’t be in two places at once.  Or can he…?

Yeah, did it again.

Meanwhile, DJ Soos has a crown for the top partier.  Mabel’s already made some friends in the form of lizard-loving, large gal Grenda and self-enhancement specialist Candy.  And Mabel loves to party, so she’ll go for it.  She has only one competitor:  Pacifica Northwest, the most popular girl in the local school.  She’s the anti-Mabel.  And she isn’t happy to have anyone even try to compete with her.  Mabel has the opposite attitude.

But Dipper has made a clone, #2, or Tyrone.  He and Dipper are on the same page, and there’s another problem:  Wendy seems to be dating local “bad boy” Robbie.  That means more clones, including one poor sap who was the result of a paper jam.

After getting rid of Robbie, Dipper actually talks to Wendy like a normal person in an unplanned setting and it works!  That, er, makes the other Dippers upset.  Dipper Prime needs to stick to the list.  They grab him!  They toss him in the closet!  He gets out!  They fight!  The sprinklers go off!  All but #2 melt away.  Paper Jam Dipper is happy from the looks of things.  And then…well, the party ended.  Pacifica won the crown through intimidation and outright bribing Old Man McGucket for applause.  Time for Dipper and Tyrone to share a soda as they realize that lists are for suckers when Mabel’s advice was actually pretty solid.  Oh, wait, soda causes #2 to melt away…

Well, Mabel made some friends.  That must count for something.