May 31, 2023

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House Of Cards “Chapter Fifty-Six”

Season Five, Episode Four.

So, how did Frank and Claire win that election anyway?

Well, so far, they didn’t.

In fact, while it looks for sure like Conway will take the election easily, even with his celebratory sex with the missus, Frank does have a few tricks up his sleeve.  They seem to involve more terrorism threats that aren’t real, but sure do look it if Frank can play the right people.

That can start with a jittery Republican governor from Tennessee.  Frank wasn’t going to win that one for sure, but he can plant some fake evidence, stress the man should not close the polls as the FBI looks for a top terrorist, and then watch with glee as the man does the exact opposite and closes the polls.  Telling people to do the opposite of what he really wants done is an Underwood specialty after all.  Get LeAnn’s hacker friend to do something in Ohio, and Conway can’t get the electoral votes he needs to get ahead.  And then, you know, if some other states refuse to certify, that means the election isn’t over yet from the looks of things.

How much did I know Frank wasn’t really conceding when he called Conway to concede?  C’mon.  I’ve seen this show.  And when world-class sycophant Doug and hyper-competitive LeAnn are telling the rest of the staff that Frank and Claire are throwing in the towel, that alone should be the signal that Frank and Claire are not throwing in the towel.

So, while Tom Yates makes puppy dog eyes at the First Lady and Tom Hammerschmidt gets some pundit time on TV, the Underwoods are plotting eliminating term limits.

Yeah, these are bad, bad people.

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