June 15, 2024

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The Wire “The Dickensian Aspect”

Season Five, Episode Six.

This being the final season of The Wire, we get some brief check-ins with some characters from previous storylines.  There’s Nick Sobotka!  And Randy Wagstaff!

It’s going as well as can be expected for anybody on The Wire.

So, anyway, there’s more stuff with that Scott Templeton guy making things up, though we do learn that when he doesn’t bother, he’s actually not a bad writer.  Will anything come of this?  We shall have to wait and see.

So, let’s look over how things are turning out for Marlo, Omar, Carcetti, Bunk, and McNulty.

Marlo seems to have temporarily taken over the Co-op in light of Proposition Joe’s death.  He does this in part by blaming Omar for the deed he did himself, and then doubling the bounty on Omar’s head.  He also has his people scouring everywhere for Omar.  There’s, like, no sign of the guy.

Where is Omar?  Well, he holed up in a janitor’s closet after jumping off the fourth floor of that building he was ambushed in.  After making a makeshift crutch and first aid job on an injured ankle, he’s off spreading the word that Marlo’s too scared to meet him in the streets.  That means robbing a guy of a gun with a beer bottle (spreading the rumor of course that Omar didn’t kill Prop Joe), and then setting fire to some of Marlo’s cash at a drop.

Carcetti, meanwhile, sees little press interest in a condo ribbon-cutting down by where the docks used to be.  A rant to the press about the plight of the homeless in light of a (fictional though he doesn’t know it) serial killer gets more attention that might translate to political fortune but not actual additional police money.

That’s where Bunk comes in.  Priority being given to the (again, fictional) serial killer means Bunk’s own backed-up case files aren’t going anywhere.  Budget cuts in forensics where they had to hire a poorly-trained temp to lose evidence doesn’t mean much, and even when Bunk gets somewhere reviewing old case files, the homeless guy killer still gets priority.  Bunk really hates McNulty these days.

McNulty might hate himself as well.  He and Lester realize they need a new victim to actually get more than Greggs back to help, but the cops are swarming whenever a new homeless person’s corpse is found.  The only thing to do is find a homeless guy who’s really out of it to maybe take the fall for the fake serial killer.  McNulty sets the guy up, and it’s clear the man doesn’t even know where he is or what’s going on, but at least McNulty had the decency to look guilty.

And this is all being done to bring down Stanfield.  I hope it’s worth it you these guys.